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07th Sep 2021

ClevverCrypto — New Awesome Service Offered by Clevver

Comprehensive Assistance to Tokenize Your Assets

Life in the era of pervasive digitalization presents us with more and more promising areas of business that, until recently, seemed either fantastic or difficult to bring to life. One such field is the tokenization of assets on a blockchain. It is rapidly evolving and gaining loyal followers who use the technology actively. In order not to be loud and back up what was said above, it is worth mentioning that reputable organizations such as WEF and McKinsey predict that the value of tokenized assets will be equal to nearly $24 trillion as early as 2027. 

Those entrepreneurs who think creatively have already realized the tremendous promise of the tokenization of assets on a blockchain and are eager to “jump on board”. 

Clevver always keeps up with the times and offers only relevant and highly effective solutions for businesses. We are happy to announce that our company launches a new service — ClevverCrypto. This new service aims to assist entrepreneurs and investors wishing not to miss a great opportunity to join the forward-looking market of tokenized assets. 

What is ClevverCrypto? 

ClevverCrypto is the new member of the constantly growing Clevver service portfolio. It offers practical solutions for the successful tokenizing of real-world assets like real estate, fine art, precious metals, classic cars, and many others. 

The team of well-versed specialists will be glad to provide you with the following services: 

  • Individual advice and assistance in developing an ICO or STO strategy that suits your particular case. 
  • Formation of the appropriate legal entity for ICO or STO launch. 
  • Competent legal drafting of necessary smart contracts on different blockchains (ETH, Cardano, etc.).
  • Provision of a fully functional, quality White Label Token Platform with customized software. The Software offers KYC and AML compliance onboarding process for all investors as well as a system to buy token with FIAT or crypto money. 
  • Secure token trading through a white-label platform in crypto-friendly countries. 
  • Add-ons such as safekeeping, escrow, auditing, tax advice, and more. 

Tokenization of Assets with Clevver 

When applying to ClevverCrypto services, you can count on the well-thought-out process of tokenization of your assets. The whole procedure looks like this: 

  • Project Planning 

Together with a client we thoroughly review their potential token issuance plan, its perspectives, and possible drawbacks. 

  • Incorporation of the company for the token release 

Clevver's legal team advises where it would be best to do an ICO or STO launch in your case and which legal entity to choose. We offer assistance in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. 

  • Token development 

Specialists with extensive experience take on the programming of a token on a blockchain of your choice. (Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and many others). 

  • Token listing 

We offer a custom white-label software platform to scrutinize investors (KYC/AML) and sell tokens with FIAT/cryptocurrency. The KYC procedure (translated as "know your customer") is designed to classify and verify the identity of each potential investor. The verification is done before they can conduct any financial transactions. This protects companies/entrepreneurs from the risk of working with fraudsters and ensures the safety of clients' assets. AML policy means anti-money laundering. It includes a broader set of measures than KYC, such as transaction monitoring, risk assessment, and bank card verification, etc. We use both identity procedures because we value the safety of our customers. 

With Clevver, after the accomplishment of the comprehensive work, your token can be listed for a private sale in your white label platform in as little as 2-3 months. If you want to make your token public, we can list it at different known crypto exchanges.  

Other cool perks from us:  

  • Qualified lawyers that have experience in the Crypto Projects; 
  • Professional technical team that would do programming on the blockchains as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, etc.; 
  • Comprehensive consulting on the right legal entity structure for ICO/STO; 
  • Individual approach to each customer. 


Clevver is always honest with its clients and tries to present information about its services and fees in the most transparent way. However, the tokenization of assets is always a very individual project that depends on many variables. Therefore, it is hard to name the exact cost beforehand. To give you an idea, we build an example of a token project with company incorporation in Liechtenstein as a reference case: 

  • Forming an AG company in Liechtenstein will cost 6,500-10,000 EUR (a one-time fee) plus share capital of an AG: 50,000 CHF; 
  • Registration according to TVTG will cost 25,000-35,000 EUR (a one-time fee) plus 5,000 CHF registration fee; 
  • Preparation of the securities brochure will cost the client between 35,000 and 45,000 EUR (a one-time charge) plus the approval fee of 5,000 CHF; 
  • Development and customization of the White Label Token Platform will cost 25,000-35,000 EUR (a one-time payment, depending on the required functionality);
  • The cost of a license varies from 1,200-2,500 EUR/month (depending on the token project). 

Bottom Line 

It is the Clevver philosophy to add more and more services to our platform and bring a real experience to internationalization as a service. By creating the new service ClevverCrypto, we now have a very state-of-the-art service that provides an effective algorithm of actions and protocols for the most successful tokenization of assets on the blockchain