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Domiciliation in France

Domiciliation in France can be defined as the provision of registered office services by a third party, a domiciliation provider. This type of the third party is regarded as the company's domiciliation agent. We offer company domiciliation services in France, providing our clients with a registered office in Paris from which they can run their business. Our organization works with a local partner that has all the necessary licenses to provide company domiciliation assistance that is regulated.

Domiciliation /Registered office service refers to where the legal seat of your company is located. Generally, it relates to your company’s registered office address which is its formal address for legal purposes. All legal correspondence is usually sent to this address. It has to be a physical location, not just a PO Box. Many countries require a company to have a registered office address within their jurisdiction, France is not an exception.

Pros of Domiciliation /Registered Office Services

  • With a company domiciliation, you get a legal address for the various competent French authorities — such as the Commercial Court, the Chamber of Trades, Urssaf, etc.
  • This address can be used as the headquarters of your company or your branch.
  • With a specific business domiciliation contract, you can complete all the legal forms for creating a business structure or transferring a registered office.
  • The domiciliation address is also used for preparing your invoices. It is stated in your business documents and business cards.
  • Your suppliers and customers can send their mail to this address.

Why Choose Clevver?

If you opt to use the services of Clevver, you don’t have to reside in France which is great in the first place. All you need to do to obtain Domiciliation in France is the following:

  • Visit our website;
  • Click the BOOK button. You will be redirected to register in the system and get your Clevver Account;
  • Now, you are able to reserve a legal address service in France with Clevver;
  • Provide us with the necessary legal documents (you will be given an exact list);
  • Once all the nuances on both sides are taken care of, our legal experts hand in hand with a local partner will start the process of setting up a legal address within Paris city for your company.
  • The prices start from 59,95 / $69.95 per month.

Clevver team is equally good at speaking German and English, so you can get a consultation and support in both languages!

By hiring Clevver, you get an official address for your company in the area of Paris, in which you will also receive all your correspondence. Not only does our company make the process simple and digital but we put at your disposal a convenient and intuitive app to manage all the aspects of your domiciliation /registered address in France (Paris).

Benefits of Domiciliation in France from Clevver

  1. The services are obtainable in English and German and many more languages;  
  2. Application and subsequent request proceeding is done remotely; 
  3. All the documents are digitally available; 
  4. With its digital approach, Clevver makes the procedure of domiciliation in France way easier.

Virtual Office in France from Clevver

Having a local address in France will significantly contribute to the promotion in the French markets — it is a generally recognized truth, as well as the fact that opening a branch of your business in another country is extremely expensive. But, for those who are looking for reasonable ways to save money and receive an exceptional result, there is a solution — to use virtual office services from Clevver. The functionality of the virtual office space in France from us is quite extensive (domiciliation services can be included) and provides excellent opportunities for doing business in another country without changing your usual place of residence.

The virtual office space in France from Clevver will open quite a few doors for your company — it will help you to not only establish a good name for your business in France but also will assist its growth.

Advantages of Virtual Office in France from Clevver

  • Customized administrative services;  
  • The convenient app to manage mail and parcels;  
  • Appropriate processing of your packages;  
  • French business presence without leaving your actual place of residence.

Bottom Line

If you are a company starting a business in France and you need a registered address within Paris city limits, Clevver is happy to provide assistance! Domiciliation in France with Clevver is your chance to get an address to locate your head office or secondary enterprise without heavy investment completely remotely. For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to [email protected], we would love to hear from you!