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Form Your Business in Germany Online

with Clevver Professional Assistance


  • Germany has a stable and one of the most developed economies in the EU; 
  • The state has a solid banking system; 
  • Germany ranks 4th in the world in terms of GDP; 
  • There is no currency control in the country; 
  • Germany steadily enjoys the attention of the world's investors;
  • There are opportunities to receive state subsidies for business owners in Germany; 
  • German government signed agreements with more than 90 states on avoidance of double taxation. 
  • Clevver legal specialists are ready to provide assistance in the fully remote incorporation of a German company. All the necessary documentation will be available in a digital format. 

The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the most developed states in Central Europe and in the world. The country is a member of such influential organizations as the EU, NATO, and the G-7. The geographic location of the country also contributes significantly to the state's strong financial and economic position. 

The main advantages of this jurisdiction for business incorporation include excellent infrastructure, qualified workforce, the excellent reputation of the country, and quick access to the markets of the European Economic Area. 

Setting up a business in Germany, which is considered one of the leading European countries, has its own characteristics and nuances. In order to ensure the success of the endeavor, it is worth applying to proven professionals — Clevver. We provide online company registration services in Germany. With us, it is possible to incorporate a UG/GmbH company in this jurisdiction without an in-person visit to the country and in a timely manner. More information is here

Taxation for Companies in Germany 

There are several basic taxes for businesses in this jurisdiction: 

  • VAT standard rate - 19%. For some types of activities, there is a preferential rate, including zero. 
  • Corporate tax - 15%. A surcharge, the so-called solidarity fee, is added to the basic rate for foreign companies. The total amount of payment is thus set at 15.825%.
  • Withholding tax on dividends - 25% ((26.375% with solidary surcharge)). It must be paid by subsidiaries that are registered in Germany. If the country has signed a treaty on exemption of double taxation with the state in which the parent company is based, the rate may be revised. 
  • The municipal trade tax basic rate is 3.5%. It applies to companies with profits over €24 500. In each case, the rate is calculated individually by the state depending on the location. 

Why Open Business in Germany? 

The advantages of Germany for starting a business are obvious: 

  • A clear and transparent economic and stable political system;
  • Large, stable economy — the driving force of the EU; 
  • Excellent social conditions and a high position in all known business rankings; 
  • The large solvent market for goods and services; 
  • Favorable climate for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Do you want to register a company in Germany quickly and remotely? Contact Clevver!

Company Formation in Germany with Clevver 

Clevver incorporation service is based on European quality standards, high professionalism, guarantees of business security of our clients, and a personalized approach. Our legal experts will advise you on the business registration aspects in Germany, including the choice of organizational form of the company (UG/GmbH) that suits your business. 

Contact us to receive:

  • An online process of registering a business structure;   
  • Provision of all the essential documents for company formation digitally;
  • Fast processing for the incorporation service for UG / GmbH and AG (on request) in Germany; 
  • Opportunity to obtain additional legal services (registered addresses in 6 major German cities, digital postboxes, local phone number and many more)   
  • Individual and highly professional approach to each customer. 


Germany presents a solid foundation for mutually beneficial financial and economic cooperation with friendly countries. International and local investors have the opportunity to do business in the German market, establishing companies in such fields as technology, engineering, finance, healthcare, and many others. 

Clevver legal team has substantial expertise in worldwide incorporation, including Germany. With our company, you can always count on the qualified help of international specialists and impeccable service. Set up your German company already today!