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Remote Incorporation in Italy? — Easily, with Clevver!


  • Italy has an advanced and stable economy; 
  • Incorporating in Italy guarantees access to the European Union markets; 
  • Italy steadily enjoys the attention of the world's investors;
  • Businesses formed in Italy have the possibility to obtain tax benefits and other privileges; 
  • There are equal rights and obligations for foreign and Italian entrepreneurs; 
  • There is no currency control in the country; 
  • Italian government signed agreements with almost 100 states on avoidance of double taxation.  
  • Clevver legal specialists are ready to provide assistance in the fully remote incorporation of an Italian company. All the necessary documentation will be available in a digital format. 

Italy is a state with an incredibly beneficial geographical position. It is located in southern Europe, bordering France, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia, and washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The leading area of the Italian economy is mechanical engineering, metallurgy, light industry, and food industry. Italy is renowned as one of the major producers and suppliers in the world market.  

If you are choosing an EU-member country in which you would like to create your own business, it is worth noting that Italy is one of the best fits for this purpose. It stands out from the rest due to its high standard of living, stable economy, and well-thought-out legislation. 

Clevver specialists will provide full organizational and legal support for SRL/SRLs company registration in Italy. This is the most popular legal form of doing business in this state. Visit our incorporation in Italy page to find out more. 

Taxation in Italy

Italian companies are subject to the following taxes: 

  1. Corporate tax 

Italian businesses are liable to Corporate Income Tax (IRES) and Regional Production Tax (IRAP). The standard corporate tax rates are 24% for IRES and 3.9% for IRAP. 

  1. VAT 

VAT (standard rate is 22%) is applied to supplies of goods and services realized in Italy. Only specific types of goods and services are exempt from VAT in Italy. 

  1. Tax on incoming dividends 

Dividends received by Italian resident companies from other Italian companies or companies resident in countries other than tax havens (i.e., not blacklisted) are excluded from the IRES tax base at 95% of their amount. 

  1. Capital Gains Tax 

The tax rate is 27.9%. However, if certain requirements are met, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to exempt 95% of profits from this type of taxation.

Why Open up a Business in Italy?  

The advantages of Italy for starting a business are obvious:  

  • Clear and stable economic and political systems;  
  • The large solvent market for goods and services;  
  • Membership in the European Union; 
  • Developed infrastructure; 
  • Open economy, no restrictions on trade; 
  • Low inflation; 
  • Reliable legal and judicial system; 
  • Favorable climate for small and medium-sized businesses; 
  • A large number of double tax agreements in force. 

Register Your Italian Business with Clevver 

Our company has extensive experience in incorporations all over the world and offers you its expertise and knowledge to create your business in Italy. 

Incorporating a company in Italy with Clevver is always close attention to the legal aspects of the matter, a highly qualified team of professionals, and the digital process of company registration.  

Contact us to receive:  

  • Support of well-versed legal experts; 
  • The entirely digital process of registering a business structure;   
  • Establishment of all the essential documents for company formation remotely;   
  • Numerous add-ons to choose from (a registered address, mail and parcel handling service, and a local phone number);   
  • Individual and highly professional approach to each customer. 


Clevver legal team has substantial expertise in worldwide incorporation, including Italy. With our help, your Italian business will be formed simply, completely digitally, and in a concise time span. 

The Italian government's far-reaching policy of encouraging foreign business and creating favorable conditions for the development of companies has worked. Every year the number of foreign enterprises registered in Italy is growing. The positive dynamics are also explained by the desire of businessmen to register their activities in a developed country, which is a member of the European Union.