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Do Business on the Best Terms — Incorporate in Switzerland with Clevver


  • Switzerland manages almost 35% of international private and institutional funds and is renowned for its political, economic, and social stability; 
  • Switzerland provides an unsurpassed infrastructure for companies operating in the greater European area; 
  • The country is well-known worldwide for its stable financial system;
  • The Swiss Confederation pursues a policy of moderate taxation of businesses; 
  • The country is an attractive tax haven; 
  • Clevver legal experts provide fully digital assistance in incorporating AG/GmbH in Switzerland. 

Switzerland, the official name is the Swiss Confederation, is a state located in the very heart of Europe with four official languages and a federal structure (26 cantons). Switzerland is distinguished by its amazingly beautiful nature, high production technologies, and stable financial system, which allows the state to remain a neutral country (it is not a member of the EU or any military organization). Developed infrastructure, political and economic stability, in addition to a low level of taxation, are conducive to opening a company here. Also, Switzerland is a very attractive tax haven.  


The Civil Code and the Code of Obligations are the statutory documents that govern every organization that is interested in incorporation in Switzerland.  

Swiss Banking System  

Banking in Switzerland is respected and in awe of the world for its quality and guaranteed confidentiality. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this country has provided financial stability and the opportunity to develop business. The entrepreneurs here are able to pay fewer taxes in comparison to other developed countries. 


Switzerland has a three-tier taxation system: there are federal, cantonal, and municipal taxes. At the same time, each canton has its own tax legislation and has the right to independently establish the amount of taxes and tax benefits.  

Federal tax — 8.5%. Cantonal taxes are higher and often depend on the ratio of profits to capital and the reserve fund — 6-31%.  

Withholding taxes:

  • Dividends — 35%  
  • Interest — 35%
  • Royalty — 0%  
  • Branch payments — 0%  

VAT — 7.6%  

Capital tax:  

  • Federal — 0%  
  • Cantonal/municipal — 0.3-1.3%  

Some cantons, such as Zug, establish a privileged taxation system, which can be used when choosing the place of company registration. Zug is also called the tax haven of Switzerland. Other cantons acceptable for the company incorporation are Graubünden, St. Gallen, Schwyz.  

Switzerland has signed treaties for the avoidance of double taxation with more than 70 countries, which makes it the perfect destination for everybody seeking to expand their business. 

Why Incorporate with Clevver in Switzerland? 

At Clevver, we guide you step-by-step and take care of the entire business registration process from start to finish. Incorporating a business in Switzerland with us is fast, remote, and takes little effort from your side. Learn more about business registration in Switzerland with Clevver. 

What we offer: 

  • A fully remote process of legal structure formation; 
  • Preparation of a complete set of documents for incorporation; 
  • Digital availability of all the documentation for business registration; 
  • Fast processing for the incorporation service in Switzerland; 
  • Responsive customer support with an individual approach to each client. 

Clevver offers tools and solutions designed to make business start-ups easy. Our online incorporation service is quick and remote, letting you start a business effortlessly in Switzerland.  


When registering a company in Switzerland, it should be kept in mind that Swiss legislation is three-tier (federal, cantonal, and municipal), and taxation may differ significantly at the local level. With Clevver, you can register a company in Geneva and Zurich. 

Clevver specialists like no one else are familiar with the world of finance and will gladly provide you with incorporation services of AG/GmbH company in Switzerland. You can apply here.