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10 reasons why to move your business to Ireland or the Netherlands before Brexit gets finalized category

Great Britain is one of the most important economic players. For that reason, all eyes are on Brexit - on December 31 this year, the UK finally and irrevocably leaves the EU, impacting trade relationships globally. That is why many business owners are looking for a suitable way out of this situation. Which solution is the smoothest for most


How to Start a Business in the US – Guide for Non-Residents2 category

Citizens from foreign countries can set up businesses in the US, but in practice, it is easier said than done. However, with the help of incorporation experts at Clevver, entering the US market can be easy- find out more in this article. Do you wonder why so many people find it lucrative to establish businesses in the US? The first


Prepared and equipped: The 3 most important business trends for 2019 category

The beginning of the year is the best time to assess where the world will head in the following months. See our opinion on the most relevant topics for 2019 in relation to business, travel and internationalization! Brexit Brexit is undeniably one of the most important recent events that, although may be hardly categorized