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Download Now the Whitepaper from Clevver on “International holding structure for real estate investments in Germany and resulting tax effects” category

Сlevver experts work tirelessly to ensure that the list of services offered grows and covers more and more interesting topics of international business. Our most recent project is a comprehensive work on real estate investment in Germany and taxation issues related to it. The whitepaper “International holding structure for real estate


What you need to know when choosing a business name in Germany category

Most people will spend hours brainstorming to find the perfect business name - the one that represents your brand, the products you offer, and that is easily promotable and infused with personality. To help the creative process you might surf the web, read a few business magazines, finally open that dictionary that's been collecting dust, and


How to Start a Business in the US – Guide for Non-Residents2 category

Citizens from foreign countries can set up businesses in the US, but in practice, it is easier said than done. However, with the help of incorporation experts at Clevver, entering the US market can be easy- find out more in this article. Do you wonder why so many people find it lucrative to establish businesses in the US? The first