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Download Now the Whitepaper from Clevver on “International holding structure for real estate investments in Germany and resulting tax effects” category

Сlevver experts work tirelessly to ensure that the list of services offered grows and covers more and more interesting topics of international business. Our most recent project is a comprehensive work on real estate investment in Germany and taxation issues related to it. The whitepaper “International holding structure for real estate


Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich – Legal Cuisine category

It’s about time that we educate you about the most appetizing tax scheme known by the name Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich. What does it do? It is associated with minimizing the tax burden when using intellectual property. This system is widely used by American corporations and is slightly less common among European companies, but it is


British Virgin Islands – Your Choice for Asset Protection category

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands attracts countless visitors with its sandy white beaches and glorious weather, but unlike other holiday destinations, it offers more than beauty to those who want to protect their money and assets. Comprised of 16 habited and more than 20 uninhabited islands, BVI is a