Copenhagen – A Scandinavian Stronghold Since Centuries

With more than 1,000 years of history behind it, Copenhagen had enough time to solidify itself as one of the most prominent strongholds of the Scandinavian region and Europe in general. Founded by the Vikings as a settlement living mostly out of fishing, the city survived many ups and downs, but by the 1600s it was regarded as a power to behold all around the continent. This position only strengthened with the arrival of industrialisation and modernity, and Copenhagen has always been a prime example of a pioneering and forward-thinking behaviour, answering to the challenges of our time miraculously. Today, it can boast with one of the highest standards of living and one of the most lucrative salaries of the world, which is well invested in its educated population, it’s research institutes, and educational facilities. With such an intellectual milieu, it is understandable that the city’s economy relies mostly on services, commerce, communication and transport and that is open for cooperation with its surroundings, especially the Swedish city of Malmö, with whom Copenhagen shares one of the most significant ports of the area. Though only having roughly 775,000 residents, the city is ahead of its contemporaries in many respects, so if you wish to expand in Europe with a pole position, then ride the wave of the Danish capital with a real street address there.

Our new location: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a real survivor, having stood the ups and downs of centuries only to come out as a true winner. Today, it is considered to be a city with one of the highest salaries and standards of living around the world, making this relatively small, but nevertheless impressive city the perfect addition to the Clevver location network.


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Østerbrogade 226
2100 Copenhagen


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