Amazon return shipments Germany

Amazon has presented a remarkable business opportunity that has been taken up by thousands of people. The ability to sell in Amazon’s global marketplace has revolutionised what small companies throughout the world have been able to do. However, Amazon are renowned for changing rules frequently, some of them in seemingly arbitrary fashion that cause major issues for those trying to grow a business using their tools. One such change is the requirement for those selling to a market to have a local return address for that market. To assist the many businesses who have trouble meeting this requirement, we have introduced our Amazon Returns shipments service in Germany.

This service is useful not just to those externally located companies, but for companies selling on Amazon from within Germany, who prefer to let others deal with the administration of the returns requirements. Our Amazon returns shipments service in Germany is fully compliant with all Amazon procedural requirements, so you can be sure that there will not be any issues for your business from the company itself. It is also designed to be easy to manage for you, making sure returns do not take up too much of your working day to deal with.

How it works is straightforward, with our Amazon returns shipments service in Germany your returns can go to the German address provided by Clevvermail, and we then take care of the returns. We photograph the return labels and products so that you are fully aware of the packages and contents to comply with Amazon administration requirements. From there, how our Amazon returns shipments service in Germany deals with the returns is entirely your choice. There are several options available, we can simply dispose of the parcels for you, or return them to you at any address you require. The returns can be sent either weekly or monthly, whichever fits best for you. At the end of each period, all returns for that time will be sent to you in a single package, reducing cost and adding convenience.

With our Amazon returns shipments service in Germany you can continue to sell your goods through Amazon to the German market wherever you are based and comply fully with all Amazon seller administration requirements, all for a manageable and predictable low cost.