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ClevverMail para uso privado

Es tan fácil de usar ClevverMail. El servicio es seguro, rápido y de confianza Para momentos en que estás de vacaciones o cuando quieres digitalizar toda tu correspondencia de correo.
La conexión web es muy fácil de usar e intuitiva para trabajar. Todas las letras son escaneadas al Postbox. Con sólo un clic también pueden ser guardadas en su cuenta Dropbox. ClevverMail incluso recibe paquetes que pueden ser remitidos a cualquier lugar del mundo. La solución perfecta para recibir el correo diario en línea.


ClevverMail ofrece más de 61 ubicaciones en todo el mundo. Cada ubicación puede recibir artículos postales (cartas y paquetes). Usted puede manejar su correo diario utilizando nuestro software de nube o a través de Android y la aplicación iOS.

A partir de € 5.45 al mes


La adición perfecta a ClevverMail. Si necesita un número de teléfono local en su nueva ubicación de correo. Cada llamada puede ser remitida a cualquier teléfono. Incluso puede hacer llamadas salientes utilizando el número con nuestra aplicación ClevverNumber.

A partir de € 9, 95 al mes

The best digital postbox worldwide

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  • Decida cómo se procesa cada uno de sus artículos postales
  • Usamos el estándar más alto de seguridad

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Funciona cómo un buzón virtual

ClevverMail es la forma más fácil de gestionar el correo postal internacional


Your mail is coming to our worldwide locations

ClevverMail employees will accept the mail at the address of your choise and inform you of the new item and the sender. You will also receive information about the type and weight of the item.


We digitize your postal mail

On your order, your mail item will be digitized by us on site. For letters via OCR as searchable PDF, packages are photographed. Absolutely data protection compliant.


Receive & manage your postal mail online or by App

Once the mailpiece has been digitized, you will be notified by email or push notification in the APP. You can view your mailings online anytime, anywhere, and then redirect them anywhere in the world.


Worldwide Forwarding

We forward your mailings to anywhere in the world. You can choose individually with which Shipping Service the shipment will be sent. For example as an express shipment.

Preguntas frecuentes

Which business addresses are available worldwide?

With ClevverMail, you can choose from over 55 attractive worldwide business addresses on five different continents. Right now, there are business addresses available in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia in cities such as Toronto, New York, Santiago de Chile, Lisbon, Berlin, Shanghai, Brisbane, Tokyo, and many more. All the addresses can be quickly and easily set up according to the different listed monthly tariffs. You can see all the locations on offer here.

What can international business addresses do for me?

It is simply the nature of people, which means that it is also the nature of your customers, to be at least a little skeptical of businesses with roots in a far-flung foreign country. This is why many businesses find it hard to break into really important and lucrative markets – despite the fast data-transfer speeds of the digitized world. With prestigious business addresses in countries which are highly relevant to your business expansion, you can show your new potential customers in these regions that your business has truly taken root in their nation, that is has a firm legal status there, and that it is a company that they can trust. You will be laying the groundwork for clear revenue increases and improved visibility in all corners of the world – and all this without the great expenses that are normally associated with such international expansion thanks to ClevverMail.

How exactly do the business addresses with ClevverMail work?

First, you complete the straightforward, free registration online. Then, you can select the location at which you want to start internationalizing your business. These will be at local offices which are maintained by us or our qualified partners in our worldwide network. This means your company will find itself in an already existing infrastructure of a real office in your chosen location. The on-site Clevver staff will handle the processing of all your incoming mail, as well as all other matters relating to office management. They will organize your incoming post items so that they are accessible for you to view and manage online.

Will I be turning my business into an off-shore mailbox company?

Not at all. ClevverMail has nothing to do with the solutions offered by off-shore mailbox companies. At every location that you can choose for your business online, there are real, on-site staff members who accept, organize, and process your mail responsibly, conscientiously, and professionally. Customers mailing to you through these worldwide addresses can have peace of mind knowing that real professionals are taking care of everything and are available to respond properly to their requests.

What happens to my mail when it arrives at my business address?

As soon as the letters or packages in your name or under the name of your business arrive at the address, they are digitized and will appear in your virtual mailbox. You will be notified of this immediately, and then you can decide whether our staff should open and scan the contents, discard of the mail, or forward the mail on to you. The last function works with all our worldwide addresses that you have marked as being associated with your company.

For what kind of company is the business addresses from ClevverMail appropriate?

In principle, the business addresses from ClevverMail are appropriate for any business worldwide. As soon as you have the desire to expand your business internationally without having to invest huge amounts of time and money, you are sure to benefit from registering your company at one or more of the ClevverMail business addresses – no matter what you are selling or offering.

What about packages? Are these accepted at the addresses?

At all the worldwide addresses we offer, both letters and packages are accepted and digitized before being presented in the central virtual mailbox, where you will be able to see the mail that has arrived at all your registered business addresses.

How exactly does post forwarding work?

You can have your mail items forwarded to you as soon as it arrives in your virtual mailbox or, if you would prefer, after its contents have been scanned. The Clevver staff at the business address will ensure that the mail is dispatched and on the way to you (or your chosen address) shortly. You can easily manage and request that your mail be forwarded through the app or through the online interface – it takes just one click to get the ball rolling.

What are the costs of the additional services like content scans and post forwarding?

The costs that are added to the monthly standard fees vary depending on the type of mailbox you have chosen and on the desired service being requested. You will be informed of all the related costs and conditions before you commit to selecting any of the extra services.

Why should I choose ClevverMail?

ClevverMail will be the perfect partner if you plan to expand simultaneously into different foreign countries and markets with your company. You will be teaming up with a partner that can set you up in over three-dozen locations in Germany and across the rest of the world. For every single location offered, ClevverMail knows exactly how you need to proceed with business addresses, company set-up, the opening of bank accounts, and everything else you could think of in your chosen region. As our customer, you can breeze through the custom-adapted registration requirements and benefit from the advantages of being a part of the globalized economy with your fully-set-up business address in no time at all – we’re talking a matter of minutes. Choose ClevverMail and you will be choosing maximum security, exceptional quality, forward-thinking solutions, and optimal interaction between all of the superb products on offer.

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