German Postal Address

Every day, it seems that the world is growing smaller and smaller. Social networking allows us to keep in touch with friends around the globe. Internet forums lead to lasting friendships with people who never meet one another in person. Contractors who live in different hemispheres collaborate on a single project without ever leaving their homes. So why do we still get our mail through the local post office?

ClevverMail has a better way: virtual post. With virtual post, you don’t care where your physical mail is delivered, because you’re reading it all online. We’ll set you up with a German postal address in Berlin, which you can use to receive all of your mail. As soon as anything arrives, we’ll send you an e-mail with the name of the item’s sender, its size, and its weight, as well as a scan of the front of the package or envelope. You decide what we do with it: shred and recycle it with our secure disposal service, store it indefinitely in our secure vault, forward it from your postal address in Germany to anywhere in the world with our high-speed redelivery system, or have us scan the contents and send them to you instantaneously as PDFs.

Receiving your mail on your computer is so much more convenient than getting it in an envelope, no matter if you have an American or a German postal address. PDFs are easily searchable and sorted, and can be converted into a variety of different digital formats. They’re fire-proof, flood-proof, and impossible to misplace. And, since they’re stored on 256-bit SSL-encrypted servers at certified data centers, they’re also theft-proof. A postal address in Germany doesn’t seem so inconvenient now, does it?

The advantages of a postal address in Germany go beyond mere electronic convenience. Germany is the crown jewel of Europe’s economy, with an unemployment far lower than the rest of the continent and consistent growth in many international sectors. And Berlin outstrips the rest of the country in its vibrancy and business-friendly atmosphere, according to the Berlin Business News. Giving yourself a German postal address in Berlin puts all your business mail at the heart of the global economy, lending your business affairs an air of stability and efficiency that will put you head and shoulders above the competition.

No matter if you’re looking for comprehensive cloud backup services, a global mail solution, or airtight storage of all your important documents, getting a German postal address from ClevverMail is your first step into a brave new world of cloud computing. Check out our comprehensive collection of data solutions now and sign up today!