Mail Forwarding

Sometimes, it feels as if the mail “service” is all about serving you problems. When you go on vacation, you have to put a hold on your mail and hope they remember – and how much of that is junk mail? When you move, you have to fill out a change-of-address form. When you go out shopping, you have to hope and pray that no one comes with that important package you have to sign for.

Luckily, ClevverMail has the solution. Our mail forwarding service is simplicity itself: we start by giving you a mailing address at our facility in Berlin, Germany. When get mail at your new address, we’ll be there to pick it up. Then we notify you via e-mail of the sender, the size of the item, and its weight. We’ll even scan the outside of the package or envelope so you can read it for yourself. Decide if you want to open and read your mail online, trash it (we’ll even shred it for you!), or have our service forward your mail to you – anywhere in the world!

Are you always too busy to sign for that important package? Let us sign it for you, then use mail forwarding to get it at your convenience. Are you buying gifts for family and friends? Make certain they never peek at their presents by storing them with us, then simply tell our mail forwarding service where to send them, just in time to surprise everyone. Are you going on vacation? No need to put in those cumbersome hold requests at the post office. Just use mail forwarding to get your letters sent to you to you while you’re on your trip. We’ll even filter out all that junk mail – anything addressed to that mysterious “RESIDENT” you’re always hearing about will be shredded automatically. And because our mail forwarding service is selective based on your preferences, you can time your deliveries based on your schedule, not the post office’s.

ClevverMail’s mail forwarding service is perfect for home or business use. We work with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and many other shipping companies worldwide. We’re based in Berlin, Germany, one of the most advanced and smoothest-run cities in the world. Our servers are SSL-encoded in secure data facilities, and your confidentiality is our highest priority. Our mail forwarding service is free to sign up for and cheap to use – try us today!