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Looking for an attractive business address in Belgrade?

Welcome to the Balkans, the southeast European region defined by its joie de vivre – and you could be part of it. With ClevverMail, you have the opportunity to secure a business address in Belgrade and gain ground in this pulsating market. Belgrade isn’t just the country’s capital, it’s also the main hub for the Serbian media and education sectors. The surrounding panorama is made up of an impressive mix of old Serbian splendor and modern architecture, the latter of which is becoming ever more prominent along the banks of the Sava. It’s a sign of the times as there are big plans afoot to enhance and upgrade this city, which has long been an economic force well beyond the Balkans. You too can be part of these exciting developments by obtaining a business address in Belgrade. With ClevverMail, you’ll get a digital address and mailbox that you can control and manage online or on the go via smartphone. The address comes complete with a number of outstanding features and benefits for you.

Take a look at what Belgrade has to offer you.
What a business address in Belgrade has to offer you.

Excellent benefits:

  • The exclusive location of your business address in Belgrade will leave a lasting impression on clients and partners
  • On the ground in Belgrade, but managed remotely – the most efficient way to internationalize your business
  • Your business address in Belgrade can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Due to local legal regulations you are not allowed to use this address, to register with authorities or to incorporate your company here.

We will be happy to help you find an alternative, please contact us.

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Belgrade – a city with an ambitious future

Belgrade is becoming ever more attractive for investors and businesses, and a massive business district is being built along the banks of the Sava River. Just around the bend, the river flows right into the Danube. The area, dubbed the “Belgrade Waterfront”, is set to become Serbia’s Manhattan, complete with modern skyscrapers, green avenues, and a Western design aesthetic. The aim is to help to turn Belgrade – already one of the most important places in the region –  into an economic epicenter. Secure your business address in Belgrade now to be part of the city’s boom, and take your business to the next level with the excellent opportunities available in the Balkans region.



Your business address in Belgrade comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

Internationalizing a business requires a lot of capital, even when expanding into Belgrade, where rental prices are relatively moderate compared to other European cities. Rents alone can see small and medium-sized businesses back away from expanding, losing out on a lot of big opportunities as a result. ClevverMail wants to change this.  By simply renting a business address in Belgrade online (i.e. a mailbox within an existing office set up) via ClevverMail, you won’t have to pay out huge sums for offices and employees. This concept is completely unlike an offshore postal company: the focus here is on expanding your company internationally. You will be reachable at all times via your address, and actual employees will be there to manage the office and your mail.  Your business address in Belgrade will provide an excellent base for taking advantage of local opportunities in the most efficient way possible. All of this is done with maximum security and discretion in mind, and the set-up process can be completed within a few minutes thanks to a virtual assistant.

After you’re done setting everything up, you will be directed to your new mailbox, which you can manage online or via smartphone. You’ll be notified right away once you start receiving mail at your business address in Belgrade. For all incoming letters and packages, you can simply direct the employees to scan, destroy, or send them to you in person, all at the touch of a button. The entire system has been developed according to the latest user experience standards and functions easily and intuitively. Enjoy these outstanding features and excellent benefits from prices starting at 6.37 a month. Never before has it been possible to have a business address in Belgrade – or worldwide – for that kind of price. You will be amazed at the positive effect your new business address will have on your business goals and development. Start setting up your business address now.



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