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Looking for an attractive business address in Geneva?

The word “picturesque” simply doesn’t do justice to Geneva’s backdrop: the western edge of the Alps, the mountains peaks in the distance, and the small bay of Lac Léman with its gorgeous blue water envelope the city. But its scenic attributes represent just one feather in Geneva’s cap. Its position between three nations represents another. As soon as you leave the Swiss city from the southwest, you are already in France, while Italy is also just a short distance away in the east. This culminates in a cultural and economic melting pot that could have a significant, positive impact on your business. Choose a business address in Geneva and reap the benefits of having a digital address and postbox with outstanding features. You can tap into a new, valuable market, all while managing your address conveniently from anywhere in the world. The result is unparalleled economic opportunities which you can take advantage of today.

Take a look at what Geneva has to offer you.
What your business address in Geneva has to offer you.

Excellent benefits:

  • Your new, multinational business base – between three globally important nations (Switzerland, France, and Italy)
  • A centrally-located, highly sought-after business address in Geneva
  • Your business address in Geneva can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Account incl. one postbox (monthly)5.9524.9549.95
Swiss Post registration80,00 € per calendar-year *
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Contract Duration1 month1 month1 month
Included incoming items510
Envelope scanning (front)1310
Item content scanning13
Included pages in scan234
Storing items (letters)5 days10 days20 days
Storing items (packages)2 days5 days10 days
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* In Switzerland, every virtual postbox is required by law to rent a sub-address at Post CH AG for one calendar year. A calendar year is always from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of each year, irrespective of the start date of the rental, which equates to Clevver's registration date. The fee is always due on the 1st of January of each calendar year and is charged by Swiss Post Ltd and not by Clevver GmbH. The Clevver GmbH acts only as a mediator and passes the fee of 80,00 € directly to the Post CH AG.

ClevverAddress - Business- & Registered Address Add-on

Product NameBusiness AddressDomiciliation
Price / Monthly49.95149.95
Contract Duration12 months12 months
Use the address on business cards, company documents and websites
Use address to register company with authorities
Use address to incorporate a company there
All prices excluded VAT

Geneva – Uniting nations

Only a handful of cities can boast scenic beauty, financial opportunities, and a high political stature, and perhaps none so boldly as Geneva. Nestled in the southwest nook of Switzerland, and practically around the corner from France and Italy, the city is a forum for organizations, expats, and global companies. The United Nations, Red Cross, World Trade Organization, International Telecommunication Union, Electronic Arts, and the Oracle Corporation – these are just a few of the globally recognizable names that Geneva is home to. The city also has a broad banking, administration, and technology sector, making it an attractive environment for international investors and new businesses. You could be among them – start setting up your business address in Geneva today. Its multicultural vibe, global significance, and the charm of the city itself will lend your business a great reputation and lead to opportunities for growth. Beyond that, you’ll simply love the location.


Your business address in Geneva comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

Once you’ve chosen Geneva as your new base, setting up a business address in the city is easy with the help of a virtual assistant that will quickly guide you through the process. After you’re done, you can start receiving letters and packages in Geneva. There is no formal paperwork involved – you can leave that to us, so you concentrate on your business and your goals in Geneva. Each time you receive a package or a letter, you will be notified via your digital mailbox. You can then choose whether to have your mail scanned, forwarded, or destroyed. Actual employees will be situated at your business address in Geneva who will carry out each task and manage your mail under the highest security and data protection standards, with the utmost discretion. You can count on your post always being in the best hands.

By renting a business address in Geneva online, you circumvent having to pour large sums into offices and personnel. These costs can, particularly in the case of small and medium-sized businesses, often prohibit expansion. With ClevverMail, you can work in Geneva from wherever you are in the world and maximize your opportunities for growth, enabling you to internationalize your company in a realistic, achievable way. Geneva triples this possibility by sitting at the axis of three countries. To be clear, your business address in Geneva has nothing to do with an offshore postal company. With actual employees on site and the ability to reach you at any time via this address, the ClevverMail concept has nothing in common with dubious offshore services. So why not sign up for a digital address that has already impressed thousands of other ClevverMail customers and start expanding today? From just 5.95 euros a month, you can get your hands on an exclusive business address in Geneva.


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