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Looking for an attractive business address and a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City?

At first sight, Ho Chi Minh City looks like every other huge town in Southeast Asia. Lots and lots of people running busily on the streets, engine noises roaring all over the place and towering skyscrapers spiking from the sprawling mass of houses and buildings. But a deeper and more scrutinous look reveals us the real personality of this gleaming place: with more than ten million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, Ho Chi Minh City has a very significant human infrastructure that enables it to evolve for the better every month, week and day. The ferocious potential of its workforce makes it one of the national leaders in tourism, finance, agriculture and mining, providing a quality of living that is much higher than the average in the region. The dynamic development that can be felt inside the city is mirrored on an international level as well. On the symbolic ladder of global cities, Ho Chi Minh City reached the Beta+ label, being in the same category as Copenhagen, Munich or Atlanta, which is a due recognition of all the persistence and hard work that the fascinating inhabitants of this wondrous place showcased during decades.

Take a look at what Ho Chi Minh City has to offer you.
What your business address in Ho Chi Minh City has to offer you.

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Ho Chi Minh City – The maker of the next Asian Tiger

Ho Chi Minh City is a typical location when one can observe the transformation from manufacturing and industrialization towards the higher sectors in real time. Its home country Vietnam is still an outsourcing centre for many international corporations in the tech, clothing and automotive industries, and the city is no exception for that. But there are apparent signs of a shift in tendencies, as more and more people obtain a degree in fields that improve the tertiary and quaternary sectors, with the focus on technology being more and more prominent. This is only one of the reasons why they hail the country as the next Asian Tiger, and this is also why there are predictions that foresee such a development for the country that it could be the 20th largest economy globally by 2050. This is also supported by the recent yearly performance that showcased a massive 10-year record for the country, an achievement that, if it manages to sustain, will introduce the entire nation to a wholly different level of wealth and influence.



You are sure to be convinced by the superb functions and attractive advantages of your virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is, without question, a truly promising location for companies thanks to its powerful reputation in Vietnam. This, of course, means that rent prices in the city are astronomically high and unaffordable for most small and mid-sized businesses. But Clevver has the smart solution to this problem: you can simply rent a virtual office at a real street address in Ho Chi Minh City online, which will pave the path for your international expansion. This address will be an ideal local way for your customers in the city to reach you and is sure to help you build trust and loyalty with your partners in this region. Once you have set up your Clevver account, it’s ready to use: you can start your business expansion immediately. You can have a real street address, a virtual office, a registered business address, a local phone number and more managed on the same surface. Your all-encompassing Clevver account will make it sure that you keep track of everything simply and easily, from wherever you are. Your tools for internationalization will be directly manageable through your account, so you can be sure to have multiple aspects of your global expansion in your hands.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple. You can start with your international expansion by setting up your account within minutes, with only a few clicks. With your Clevver virtual office, you can become a global player and bring your company to an international level. Set up your address, found a company or book a local phone number today and start benefiting from the superb advantages immediately. Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly system, you will always have full control over your global expansion. You can make the most of all the functions and benefits of this system for accessible prices. So, what are you waiting for? You can start with your internationalization right away. You will love what you’ll be able to achieve with your Clevver account because the entire system is designed in a way that it’s a joy to use.


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