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Are you looking for an attractive business address in Hong Kong?

Directly translated from Chinese, Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor.” It wouldn’t be a stretch to see this as a kind of metaphor, with the harbor representing the huge amounts of diverse trade between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. It is a global hub of economy and business, with many multinational companies having found a home there. Its status as autonomous from the main People’s Republic of China provides it with great opportunities for freedom, growth and development, as well as many economic advantages. Your business address in Hong Kong will bring you to the heart of this impressive city, thanks to ClevverMail. You will be working with a digital address and mailbox, which will allow you to have a solid presence in Hong Kong that you can manage from afar. You can start benefiting from the innovative ClevverMail concept immediately by setting up your business address in Hong Kong today. It takes just a few minutes to get it up, running, and ready to use. Welcome to the New York of Asia.

Take a look at what Hong Kong has to offer you.
What your business address in Hong Kong has to offer you.

Excellent advantages:

  • You can secure an attractive business address in Hong Kong – an unbeatable location very near the coast
  • A stable presence in Hong Kong that you control from afar. This will make the internationalization of your business extremely efficient
  • You can complete the setup of your business address in Hong Kong today, and it will be fully operational immediately

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Price / Monthly109.95
Contract Duration12 months
Use the address for marketing purposes
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Hong Kong – The New York of Asia

With your business address in Hong Kong, you will be arriving at a location that is ideal for representing your company. The city is aptly described by its motto: “one country, two systems.” Hong Kong is politically and economically autonomous from the People’s Republic of China, which is one reason it has become one of the most important finance centers in the world. An uncountable number of corporations have found a home in this city. All of them benefit from the independent court system and relatively low corporate taxation, as well as many other advantages. Do you dream of finding a place for your business somewhere along the impressive skyline of Hong Kong? Then your big moment has come. With ClevverMail, such an address can be yours for a fraction of what this kind of expansion usually costs. As an international leader in business operations, Hong Kong is not exactly a cheap place to rent office space. With ClevverMail, that is not a problem. Start by registering a business address in Hong Kong with us and get ready to broaden your life’s work into the Far East. Huge opportunities are waiting for you.



You are sure to be convinced by the superb functions and attractive advantages of your business address in Hong Kong.

An inexpensive business address in Hong Kong, right in the middle of the city near to the banks of the Pacific rivers? Only ClevverMail can offer you such an amazing deal. You can benefit from our more-than-reasonable prices and conditions for our worldwide business address, which would normally come with astronomic costs. You will be choosing a digital version of a business address which offers you complete freedom and 100% control, no matter where you are in the world. Instead of paying for and maintaining an entire office, you can rent a mailbox at an attractive address – all without turning your company into an off-shore mailbox company. The Clevver staff on-site in Hong Kong will take good care while processing all of your incoming mail and will make sure that you are completely available through the address. You will be investing in part of an already-existing office infrastructure that will make it easier than ever before for you to internationalize your company. You focus on your market entry; we’ll take care of the rest.

It really is as easy as it sounds. You can complete the setup of your business address in Hong Kong in just a few minutes. What’s more, it will be ready to use immediately. Using your virtual mailbox will be just as easy as setting it up, as it was designed with the most current standards of modern user experience in mind. Our Clevver staff will inform you the moment any letters or packages arrive at the address in Hong Kong. You can then decide whether they should open and scan your mail, keep it sealed and forward it to you directly, or simply discard it. All processes are carried out with regards to the highest standards of discretion and security. So you can rest easy knowing that your mail is in the best of hands. You can rent your personal business address in Hong Kong from just 8.20 a month and benefit from all the superb functions and advantages. Register your address now – you’ll never look back.


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