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Looking for an attractive business address in Luxembourg?

Who would think that one of the most influential countries in the world is also one of the tiniest? This is the case with Luxembourg. A piece of land of only a few thousand km2, yet with such judicial, monetary and political power that is envied all around the globe. The country has successfully managed to reposition itself from a steel mining pioneer to one of the financial centres of the world, making it close to incomparable when it comes to GPD per capita, quality of living, economic freedom and general innovation.

Take a look at what Luxembourg has to offer you.
What your business address in Luxembourg has to offer you.

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  • Your business address right in Luxembourg at an unrivaled location that will leave a lasting impression on clients
  • You can make Luxembourg your new business base without the large costs and paperwork
  • Your business address in Luxembourg can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Luxembourg – The forum of the most important decisions

Luxembourg was an active participant in the founding of a high number of international organisations (OECD, UN, NATO) and its capital is among the three headquarters of the European Union. Its political significance is also matched by its well-known financial sector, which currently provides the country’s main economic output. Populated in almost 50% by internationals, the city is the meeting point of cultures and global interests, being the second biggest investment fund centre worldwide and the most relevant banking location in the Eurozone. Companies like Skype and Amazon have already opened their regional access points there, so why shouldn’t you? Enjoy the stable economy and the proximity of the best financial decisions in this amazing country.



Your business address in Luxembourg comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

As Luxembourg’s status as one of the busiest business hubs of Europe has been steady, so have rents stayed continuously in the most expensive regions, making expanding into the city practically impossible for small and medium-sized businesses. But this is no longer a reason to give up your goals: Clevver makes it possible for you to find your feet in Luxembourg, despite the high rental prices, by enabling you to simply rent a digital version of a business address instead of an entire office. How does it work? With Clevver, you can simply rent a business address in Luxembourg that comes with its own virtual mailbox. This is how you can secure yourself the address and have a solid presence in the city without having to physically be there – and without having to pay through the nose for expensive office space and local employees.

As soon as you have registered, your new address will be ready to accept letters and packages. Our staff will notify you right away when any mail arrives for you at the address. You can then decide from the available options: should the staff scan, forward or discard of the post? The click of a button is all it takes, and our Clevver staff will carry out your wishes right away. This frees you up to focus on the essentials of business, and shortly thereafter you will be able to view your mail, either as a high-resolution PDF document in the virtual mailbox or as a physical letter or package. Our system has been developed based on the highest user experience standards and, thanks to its intuitive functions, is quick and easy to navigate. Every single process is carried out in compliance with the highest standards of security and relevant discretion requirements, so you can rest assured that your post is in the best hands. You can make the most of all the superb functions and advantages of this system for as little as 6.37 a month. So what are you waiting for? You can start with the address setup right away. You will love what you’ll be able to achieve with your digital address and mailbox in Luxembourg, and the entire system is designed so that it’s a joy to use.


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