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Looking for an attractive business address in Macau?

Guess: which city is the biggest casino and gambling centre in the world? No, it’s not Las Vegas, but an area thousands of kms away: Macau. As a special administrative region of China, it has managed to gain reputation as an outstanding metropolitan area with special features, regulations and privileges. Influenced by the Portuguese for centuries, the city is now a colourful blend of Europe and Asia, with special emphasis on tourism and gaming, which make Macau a popular holiday destination and the absolute #1 gambling capital globally.

Take a look at what Macau has to offer you.
What your business address in Macau has to offer you.

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  • Your business address in Macau is located right in the middle of this dynamic scene
  • Benefit from fruitful business opportunities all while managing and controlling your postbox online or on the go via smartphone
  • In just a few minutes your business address in Macau can be set up and active

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Due to local legal regulations you are not allowed to use this address, to register with authorities or to incorporate your company here.

We will be happy to help you find an alternative, please contact us.

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Macau – Your own secret playground

The gambling and tourism sectors provide such an income for Macau that makes the area an ideal place to live or grow financially: with an exceptionally high life expectancy, an impressive Human Development Index and a truly notable GPD per capita, the region is among the richest and most prosperous areas today. A financial hotspot for offshore companies, a tax haven and one of the most open economies in the world in one place: no wonder that a surprising number of investors and visitors keep an eye on this powerful and compelling location. And the best news is: you can be part of all this with your own Clevver address there.



Your business address in Macau comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

A blossoming economy and stable growth – Macau is among the most promising business locations in China and Asia. Make this amazing potential your own and expand your business without the astronomic costs. Thanks to a representative Clevver business address in Macau, entry into this market can happen in a snap. Instead of renting an expensive office in the city, you can rent a digital address complete with a virtual mailbox online for a fair rate. This will create a strong foundation for your company’s successful internationalization and will bring with it the immense economic opportunities of this superb location.

The management of your virtual mailbox is simple, thanks to the smart, user-friendly interface and sleek smartphone app. You will be informed the moment that any letters or packages arrive for you at your business address in Macau. Then, you can decide how you want your mail items to be processed. All your mail will become available in digital form for your viewing in the virtual mailbox. You are always directly reachable through this address, so you can be sure that this will not make your company anything like the typically unreliable off-shore mailbox companies out there. And of course, all mail management will be carried out with regards to the highest standards of security, data protection, and discretion. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple. You can start with your international expansion by setting up your business address in Macau today. It will surely be the ideal cornerstone for your company’s successful internationalization and growth. Clevver is the perfect springboard for you to enjoy the benefits of global expansion, especially if you have a small and medium-sized business. Set up your business address in Macau and look forward to getting started with your new postbox in minutes.


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