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Looking for an attractive business address in Prague?

Prague’s history dates back over 1,000 years. The city has faced wars and battled through tumultuous times and come out stronger at every turn. The historic Charles Bridge saw Prague become an important point of trade between Eastern and Western Europe, a trait that still defines the city to this day. Prague is eye-popping, and its beautiful backdrop meshes colorful facades with antique stone. Beyond its tourist charms, Prague also offers substantial business opportunities, and the Czech capital is home to a large film industry and manufacturing sector. If you’re planning to bring your business to Prague, doing so with ClevverMail is your best option. Secure a spot in one of Europe’s most stunning cities, all without paying through the nose for offices and employees. You will benefit from the city’s high reputation and can expand your life’s work globally. In just a few minutes, your business address in Prague can be ready to go.

Take a look at what Prague has to offer you.
What your business address in Prague has to offer you.

Excellent benefits:

  • A highly regarded business address in the Czech capital, just north of the Vltava river and old town
  • You can easily manage your business address in Prague online remotely while still being on the ground in the Czech Republic
  • Your business address in Prague can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Due to local legal regulations you are not allowed to use this address, to register with authorities or to incorporate your company here.

We will be happy to help you find an alternative, please contact us.

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Prague – The best of Eastern and Western Europe

Charles Bridge simply bursts with life, and, in more ways than one, ties Eastern and Western Europe. Bring your business to a city with a history that can be traced back over a millennium. Prague’s economy is constantly on the up and is as diverse as the architecture and culture of the Czech capital. A sizeable number of industries have found a home here, and the city provides employment to every fifth Czech person. Your business address in Prague will put you directly in the middle of all of this at an in-demand location that’s just a stone’s throw away from the famed old town and Charles Bridge. This new address will help you launch your business not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the broader Eastern European region. Start setting up your own business address in Prague today, and let your company grow alongside the local economy. Global expansion could not be easier.



Your business address in Prague comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

Are you researching new international locations for your business but are constantly put off by the high costs that come with expansion? This is common among small and medium-sized businesses. With a ClevverMail business address in Prague, you can tap into the region without needing a big budget. How does this work? You simply rent a business address online instead of investing in your own office space and team of employees. In fact, a business address in Prague can be yours from just 2.95 euros a month. You not only save money, you also save time during the set-up phase and can be operational in a matter of minutes. This frees you up to concentrate on what’s important, while we take care of the bureaucratic side of things. Beyond Prague, ClevverMail can also help you access every other economically lucrative market in the world. This is made possible via an online business address that is connected to a virtual postbox, and managing this address from wherever you are is a breeze.

As soon as letters or packages start arriving at your new address in Prague, you’ll be notified via the ClevverMail system. The interface is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It has been built according to the latest user experience trends and is designed to make the first few steps fun. You have three options for dealing with your incoming mail: have your post scanned (you’ll receive a high-resolution PDF), forwarded (it will be posted to your physical address), or destroyed (in line with the highest standards of security). Security, data protection, and discretion will inform and safeguard every single process related to your business address in Prague, so you can have total faith that your mail at all your ClevverMail addresses is always in the best hands. All these excellent features and benefits are included as standard with your business address in Prague. Begin the set-up process now and start looking forward to what’s in store for your business.


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