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Looking for an attractive business address and a virtual office in Rotterdam?

If you want to see a nice example of how the Dutch live, go to Amsterdam. But if you want to do business with them, go to Rotterdam. This is how we could best illustrate the relation between the Netherlands, its capital and its second most populous city. Coming into concept when a dam was built in the river Rotte, Rotterdam was and will be always known for its relationship with water and the connecting industries. They simply made the city what it is: a commercial hub, a futuristic focal point and the home of one of the largest ports in the world. It is awe-inspiring enough to see the endless rows of containers and the monstrous freight ships coming to load off their cargo along the city’s coast. But if we also take the cutting-edge environment (that consists of forward-thinking pieces of art, groundbreaking architectural designs and the exceptionally virulent and buzzing atmosphere) into consideration, then it is absolutely obvious how truly unique this city is.

Take a look at what Amsterdam has to offer you.
What your business address in Rotterdam has to offer you.

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Rotterdam – Believe your eyes!

Houses in the shape of cubes, otherworldly office buildings and a sympathetic tendency to cling towards the traditional: Rotterdam truly has an essence that is unmatched not only on the European continent. Such a character usually pairs with indigestible size but the beauty of the place also lays in its accessibility, which becomes even more tempting, as many people tend towards the capital Amsterdam when it comes to setting up a local office or business. But why would anyone opt for a different place if this city was good enough for Unilever, Pfizer, Allianz or Maersk? The closeness of London, Paris or the German Ruhr area all make the vicinity of Rotterdam an ideal place to invest in with regard to business or private life: giving a nurturing ground for more than 160 nationalities, it is guaranteed that you will find your thing here, no matter if you want a place to start a business, wish to sharpen your skills or just set the city as a fixed point in your life. Many places deserve the title of the Gateway to the World, but its multinational environment, its inspiring characteristics and its financial solidness really make Rotterdam a place where all the opportunities, worldviews and values are at your doorstep.

Your business address and virtual office in Rotterdam come with outstanding features and attractive benefits

A stable economy and continuous growth – Rotterdam is one of the most lucrative business locations in the Netherlands. Make this amazing potential your own and expand your business without the astronomic costs. Thanks to Clevver, entry into this market can happen in a snap. Instead of renting an expensive office in the city, you can rent a virtual office at a representative real street address online for a fair rate. This will create a strong foundation for your company’s successful internationalization and will bring with it the immense economic opportunities of this superb Clevver location in Rotterdam. After you signed up, every Clevver product that you use will be available in your all-encompassing online account. This will be the main point of access for your virtual office, your international phone number, your business address or more.

Every information, setting and function will be directly available to you from your computer or mobile, making your international expansion surprisingly easy to manage. And rest assured, even if you are just renting an address with a virtual office in Rotterdam, you can be sure that your business will be nothing like an unreliable offshore mailbox company. Your virtual office will represent your company and will do wonders for its reputation in the region. And of course, all processes will be carried out with regards to the highest standards of security, data protection and discretion. Make your dream of internationalization a reality. The high expansion costs that once crippled small and medium-sized businesses in particular can be bypassed, thanks to Clevver. Now, your global expansion can be underway in a matter of minutes.


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