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Looking for an attractive business address in Wilmington?

Founding your own company in the US is quite easy, as the registration can be done from everywhere in the world. But there is one thing you should have in mind: the legal regulations for your company will differ from state to state – and the state that turned out to be the heaven of incorporation is Delaware. More than 65% of all Fortune 500 companies and more than half of all publicly traded US companies are incorporated in the state of Delaware. Delaware has established a reputation around the world as the most business-friendly state and the best in which to incorporate.

Take a look at what Wilmington has to offer you.
What your business address in Wilmington has to offer you.

Excellent benefits:

  • Secure a highly sought-after business address in Wilmington with an unrivaled location right in the heart of Delaware
  • You can make Wilmington your new business base without the large costs and paperwork
  • Your business address in Wilmington can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Due to legal regulations, this address cannot be used as a Registered Agent address. You cannot register with authorities or incorporate your company.
It is a pure mail handling address.

BUT: Clevver offers Registered Agent Addresses in all 50 states of the US. Click below to get more information and book your registered address.

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Wilmington – Irresistible financial advantages

What are the benefits of incorporating in Delaware? The legal and liability protection of established corporate laws provided to Delaware companies is incomparable to the laws of any other US state. The Delaware Court of Chancery is not only the oldest business court in the US, but it also uses judges instead of juries, speeding up legal proceedings. And finally, Delaware companies also enjoy incomparable tax savings, for example: share of stock owned by non-resident aliens are not subject to Delaware taxes. So if you plan incorporating in Delaware or have done so already and need a postal address, you can choose our location in Wilmington, the state’s biggest city.



Your business address in Wilmington comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

Bring your company to the US! It may sound simpler than it is, but with a Clevver business address, it is really that easy. You can look forward to a registration process that needs no paperwork or large, scary investments. Take Wilmington in the state of Delaware, for example. You can rent a business address there online that is based on a digital system, eliminating the need to invest in expensive offices. Instead, you will be investing a small amount into renting part of an already existing office infrastructure with real employees, meaning you don’t need to deal with the stress of organizing and paying for your own staff. You can avoid the stress that is normally associated with this kind of expansion, leaving you more time and energy to focus on what is essential: your market entry into the USA.

Your business address in Wilmington comes with a local mailbox that is connected to a virtual mailbox. All the mail that arrives will become available in digital form for your viewing in the virtual mailbox. You are always directly reachable through this address, so you can be sure that this will not make your company anything like the typically unreliable off-shore mailbox companies out there. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple. You can start with your international expansion by setting up your business address in Wilmington today. Once you’re up and running, you will be notified whenever letters and packages arrive for you at your business address. You can then have the employees either scan, forward, or destroy your post. In the case of the first two options, you will receive a high-resolution PDF document digitally or your post a short time later. Your digital address and postbox in Wilmington are the simplest way to manage your post and tap into new markets. You’ll be amazed at how intuitive the system is, just like thousands of other Clevver customers who are already using their international business addresses. Discover the possibilities today.


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