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* In Switzerland, every virtual postbox is required by law to rent a sub-address at Post CH AG for one calendar year. A calendar year is always from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of each year, irrespective of the start date of the rental, which equates to Clevver's registration date. The fee is always due on the 1st of January of each calendar year and is charged by Swiss Post Ltd and not by Clevver GmbH. The Clevver GmbH acts only as a mediator and passes the fee of 80,00 € directly to the Post CH AG.
** On top of the Swiss Post Registration Fee mentioned in * , Clevver charges a fee of 19,95 Euro per calendar year for the registration with Post CH AG. In case the customer account details, so the First Name, Last Name or the Company Name, change within the current calendar year, Clevver needs to adjust the sub-address with the Post CH AG accordingly. For that adjustment a service fee of 19,95 Euro will apply. However, this adjustment is only possible if the company has been legally renamed, which has to be proven by a legal document. In case the adjusted company name represents a new entity, the registration fee from * will apply again according to the terms and conditions of Post CH AG. I f the customer account details have been adjusted, please allow us a preparation time of at least 2 to max. 4 weeks since we need to wait for the final confirmation of Post CH AG. The required legal document to prove a legal adjustment of the company name has to be sent to [email protected] within 2 weeks after the adjustment has been made by the customer. In case Clevver does not receive the document within the two weeks, Clevver assumes that the adjusted company name represents a new entity and the registration fee from * will apply again according to the terms and conditions of Post CH AG.

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