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Company Formation

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Clevver Products & Services are available *immediately

Many of our services are activated just after a few
minutes and can be used immediately.*

*except company foundations
You will receive separate information about the country of
incorporation and legal form in the booking process.

Discover cost benefits now and calculate the potential savings for your company :

Profit from trade
Tax-free amount (for partnerships € 24,500)
Trade income 50.000,00
Trade tax rate 3.50%
Tax measurement amount 1.050,00
Assessment rate 250% (for Monheim)
Trade tax 2.625,00
My trade tax rate
Trade tax 4.200,00
You save on average 2.625,00 (with NRW-wide 400% assessment rate )
The content of this page expressly does not constitute tax or legal advice! Bitter consult your tax advisor for all tax-related questions . Bitter please note :

The offer on this website is merely a non-binding comparison of facts.
It does not claim to be complete. Calculation errors or changes in circumstances are possible at any time. All information is non-binding and without any guarantee.
Neither the information nor the calculation on this page can replace your consultation with a tax advisor or lawyer!

Tariffs for the digital mailbox

Choose the right tariff depending on your monthly mail volume.

1. First choose your client type

2. Select your desired location

3. Choose your desired term

You can use your Business Address for:

  • Receive personal mail
  • Receive packages
  • Receive postal mail from authorities
  • Business cards, marketing, company documents

Not to be used for:

  • Incorporate a company on this address
  • Register your company on this address
  • Get a rental agreement

Do you want to upgrade to Registered Address

With the Upgrade Registered Address, it’s to be used for:

  • Incorporate a company on this address i
  • Register your company on this address i
  • Get a rental agreement i

Postbox Service

Each Business /Registered Address comes with a ZERO mailbox tariff:

  • Scanning
  • Forwarding
  • Personal Pickup
  • Dropbox Upload
  • Letters send as
    PDF Email Attachment
  • Check Deposit
  • Auto-Trash
  • Add Categories
  • iOS and Android App
    for Mail Management
  • Automation of all Mail

Included Volumes/month

  • 20 Incoming Items
  • 5 Envelope Scanning
  • 5 Item Content Scanning
  • 10 Days FREE Storage Letters
  • 5 Days FREE Storage Packages
  • 6 Pages included in Scan
  • Incoming
  • Envelope Scanning
  • Item content scanning
  • Scan of additional pages
  • Additional Storage Letters
  • Additional incoming item without labeling
  • Direct Forwarding (per incident)
  • Direct Forwarding ( based on postal charge)
  • Combined Forwarding (per incident)
  • Combined Forwarding ( based on postal charge)
  • Customs Declaration outgoing (value>1000 EUR)
  • Customs Declaration outgoing (value<1000 EUR)
  • Customs handling import (based on payment value)
  • Charge for cash payment (minimum per event)
  • Charge for cash payment (based on value)
  • Charge for pickup letter (per event for all)
  • Charge for pickup package (per package)
  • Charge for use of own forwarding label
  • Check Submit
  • Very Large Box Price Factor
  • Special request charged by time (EUR/hour)


Do you want to add a local phone number at your address:

Pricing Overview

Berlin - Unter den Linden

12 month contract


Registered Address Upgrade


Security Deposit

Postbox ZERO


/ Year

Your Address*

Your Name
Your Company Name

Knipprather Str.

40789 Monheim

*The exact address will be given to you at the time of booking.

Location Time
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income tax



4,3 trillion

Local low trade-tax coefficient


Why Monheim am Rhein

Lowest trade tax rate in NRW

Smart city and pioneer in urban service orientation and digitalization

Your business address between Düsseldorf and Cologne

Highly livable location with excellently trained specialists for your growth


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