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Looking for an attractive business address in Moscow?
Russia’s mighty heart can be found right here in a city where finance, politics, and technology unite. Moscow marches to the beat of its own drum, and Russia’s most populous city – by a country mile – is home to many multinational companies and is incredibly technologically advanced. The city offers enormous economic potential that you can tap into today with your own business address in Moscow. Bring your business here courtesy of a digital address and postbox that you can conveniently manage remotely. From 3.95 euros a month, you can get your hands on a business address in Moscow that comes with lots of outstanding features and benefits. Take a few minutes and go through the set-up process with the help of a virtual assistant. Once you’re done, your business address in Moscow will be up and running without all the paperwork, and you will be amazed at the doors this will open for you.

Take a look at what Moscow has to offer you.
What your business address in Moscow has to offer you.

Excellent benefits:

Your own business address in Moscow, the mighty heart of Russia, that offers excellent opportunities domestically and in Eastern Europe
You can expand your business internationally without big budgets and can concentrate on what’s important: your successful market entry
Your business address in Moscow can be fully set up today and is ready to use immediately

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Due to local legal regulations you are not allowed to use this address, to register with authorities or to incorporate your company here.

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Moscow – Your address in the best neighborhood
Dubbed the “Third Rome”, Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world and has a pulling power like few others. It is famous for its onion-domed architecture, which exudes power, as well as for its performing arts scene and its billionaires, while a distinct sense of grandeur can be felt throughout. From a political and economic viewpoint, Moscow is the most important place in Russia. Many of the world’s biggest companies have a base in the city, and the seat of Russian politics, the Kremlin, is also here. The city was hard hit by the 1998 financial crisis, but it has proved resilient and, today, Moscow enjoys exponential growth. A wide variety of industries make up the local economic landscape, partly due to the development of the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), which was built as a city within a city to attract international attention and portray Moscow as a top business location. Take advantage of Moscow’s economic opportunities by setting up your own business address right now.


Your business address in Moscow comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits
Despite the MIBC, Moscow has been dealing with issues relating to space for years. Residential and office space is scarce, which has led to high rents and means that small and medium-sized businesses in particular often cannot afford to expand into Moscow. ClevverMail wants to turn this phenomenon on its head. You can secure a top business address in Moscow without having to rent office space or hire employees. Instead, you will have your own digital address and postbox. Your address will put you on the ground in Moscow at a popular location, and you can easily control your address remotely. This way, you can avoid the enormous costs associated with expansion and focus on what’s important: your successful market entry. Moscow offers great business opportunities that you can enjoy today thanks to the easy setup of your business address.

The process to establish your new business address is hassle-free, can be done without all the usual paperwork, and is completed in just a few steps. Within a matter of minutes, your new address will be up and running and ready to use, and you’ll be delighted by just how easy the whole process is. Once letters and packages arrive at your business address in Moscow, you will be notified via your mailbox. From there, you will have three options regarding what should happen to your mail. Actual employees will be at your business address, and they’ll take care of whichever option you choose. Having these employees on site means you are reachable at any time via your business address in Moscow. It also means that you will not get tied up in any kind of dubious offshore postal company, and every single process is carried out under maximum security standards and discretion. It is crucial to us that you feel good about how your mail is handled, and that you feel confident that your letters and packages are in the best hands.

See what Moscow has to offer you and your business.


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