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Looking for an attractive business address in Singapore?

From a quick look at the map of South East Asia, it’s easy to overlook the teeny tiny city-state of Singapore. But appearances can be deceiving. Actually, this small state, one of the so-called Tiger States, holds unbelievable worldwide economic power. Singapore is an international center of trade, technology, finance, and logistics. Put simply, this is an amazingly impressive city. Any company that can boast a business location in Singapore benefits from a very high-profile reputation. And you can too by registering a business address in Singapore today. With ClevverMail, you can have a digital address complete with a mailbox, which ensures your strong presence in Singapore without you having to be there. You can easily manage all aspects of the address from afar, no matter where you are. For a base rate of 4.95 euros a month, you can have full control and security while benefiting from this digital system’s superb functions and advantages. In Singapore, you will be riding on the back of the tiger – which is the best way to describe the experience of this fast-paced city-state.

Take a look at what Singapore has to offer you.
What your business address in Singapore has to offer you.

Excellent advantages:

You can secure yourself an attractive business address in Singapore at an unbeatable location, right in the heart of the city.
A stable presence in Singapore that you control from afar. This will make the internationalization of your business extremely efficient.
You can complete the set-up of your business address in Singapore today, and it will be fully operational immediately.

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Singapore – The town that will let your business roar

Four Asian countries were considered as possible future ‘Tiger States’ due to their potential for developing great global economic power. Singapore has more than fulfilled these expectations and has been accepted as the true personification of a strong and unyielding tiger. The economic power of this state is undoubtedly enormous. Visit Singapore and you can see it for yourself in every corner of the city. Each square mile has been slickly cultivated, and along the coast, an impressive and famous skyline reaches high into the clouds. Along the coast you will find the remarkable harbor; the second-largest in the world after Shanghai’s. Everyone should experience Singapore, and if you haven’t yet, you can send your company there ahead of you with ClevverMail. You can secure yourself a business address right in the center of one of the most in-demand economic locations in the world. You will soon see why the World Bank and the World Economic Forum have deemed the city “the easiest place for a business to get off the ground.”


You are sure to be convinced by the superb functions and attractive advantages of your business address in Singapore
The rapid development of Singapore and the huge international demand from companies wanting to find a place in the city has meant that rent prices along the famous skyline have skyrocketed over the past years. They are so high that it is unlikely most small and mid-sized companies would ever be able to afford an address there. But thanks to ClevverMail, you no longer have to worry. Instead of renting a whole office in Singapore, you can simply rent a digital address and mailbox online that you can manage from afar. It really is as easy as it sounds and brings with it a lot of appealing advantages. With us, you can save on the astronomic expenses for rent and employees and still have a strong presence at high-profile locations around the world, including in Singapore. You really can have it all. Despite the digital address and mailbox system, you can be sure that your company will be miles away from the typical off-shore mailbox companies out there. Your address from ClevverMail will work to improve your reputation among potential new clients and partners, and it will be the perfect cornerstone for your expansion into the South East Asian markets.

Thanks to our helpful virtual assistant, you can have your business address in Singapore set up and ready to use in just a few minutes. The virtual assistant will take you through the few easy steps, and as soon as you are done, you can start receiving letters and packages in your mailbox immediately. The virtual mailbox has been designed to meet the highest standards of modern user experience, so you will find it a breeze to navigate from the start. You’ll receive a notification in your mailbox the moment that any letters or packages arrive for you in Singapore. Then you can decide: should our trained staff open and scan your mail, keep it sealed and forward it to you directly, or simply discard the items? You can be sure that all these processes are carried out to the highest standards of security and discretion – your post will always be in the safest of hands. You can have all of this at your fingertips for as little as {lowest_price} a month. Having a business address in Singapore has never been so easy and cost-effective. It’s sure to wow you as much as it has wowed thousands of other happy ClevverMail customers.


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