New Location: Nicosia (Cyprus)

The newly introduced Clevver location is a secret paradise in the Mediterranean Sea for people wishing to relax and to have a taste of the business of a secluded, yet busy point of the European Union. In focus: Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

History proved the enduring and versatile nature of the small island of Cyprus between the east and the west. Having been resided for thousands of years, the piece of land showed development and progress even under the Ottoman empire and the British administration and achieved its current political status in the last century. As the country is currently divided between Turkish and Greek interests, Nicosia remains the only capital in the world which is separated into two legislative and authoritative parts.


This situation creates a diversity that is mirrored in all aspects of Cyprian and Nicosian life from the daily habits to the business opportunities. Located in an important strategic point between Asia, Europe and Africa, the land offers opportunities to capitalize on the virulent logistics and transportation industries: Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon are all in the vicinity. In addition, of course, the city and the country can be proud of their blossoming touristic sector. As the somewhat more mysterious and accessible brother of Sardinia, Sicily, Cyprus and Nicosia serve as seducing destination for vacationers from all over the globe.

The country has achieved a higher position on recent Human Development Index charts than Qatar, Russia or the United Arab Emirates, exemplifying that, in connection with education, GDP per capita and life expectancy, the area has significant potential in the international leagues as well. This is even more palpable in the capital, which serves as the financial and business centre, hosting all the local bank institutes and the headquarters of a high number of international companies like Deloitte, KPMG or Ernst & Young. With such a background, it is no surprise that the city is the wealthiest in the eastern Mediterranean region, and one of the richest in the world in terms of purchasing power.

Join the more than promising Cyprian economy with a postal address in Nicosia. Click here to know everything about our Clevver location there, or open a new postbox immediately here!

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