Prepared and equipped: The 3 most important business trends for 2019

Brexit is undeniably one of the most important recent events that, although may be hardly categorized as a business trend, will definitely have an effect on all aspects of the UK and the EU. The early worries that accompanied the news of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union may have been overly cautious and negative, but there are surely some grey clouds and uncertainty looming over Britain. One of the strongest constituents of the Union will most probably not be part of it from March 2019, and that could hamper cooperation between the UK and the EU members and make working in the UK more difficult for EU citizens – and these are only the very first visible consequences. We advise everybody to make due preparations in order to suffer the least possible damage when it comes to private or business operations. Our two London locations will remain intact, so it may be recommended to get a real street address or a registered company address or to use our fully online company incorporation to have your UK company set up before it’s not too late.

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Ana Ptskialadze

B2B Marketing Manager at Clevver, with a background in international affairs. More than anything, she enjoys getting projects rolling. Describes herself as entrepreneurial & agile, hence she loves simplifying doing business for Clevver customers.