Legal Addresses

Use our addresses to register your business at 20 locations In 15 countries. Also make use of Registered Agent in 50 US states

Meet legal requirements

Many countries require offical addresses to be used for your company . G overning bodies use this address for delivering legal notices and statutory mail. With our legal addresses around the globe we help you meet such legal requirement.

Register business

A real street address in a country where you are doing business in. Your customers will see you as a local business and gain trust from the start. You can even use it as your seller return address on local marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay

Essential for incorporation

Founding a company in another country often requires a physical address. This address must fulfill different obligations , differing from country to country. Our Legal Addresses ease your company formation start with just a few clicks.

Prices Legal Addresses
around the world :

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What you can do with ClevverMail and the
ClevverAddress Business & Registered Address

Digital Postbox


Bussiness Address

Registered Address

Receiving letters and parcels

Having a real street address

Use for marketing purposes (website,product packaging, letterheads)

Use as e-commerce return address

Needs ClevverMail postbox
for mail handling

Having a summonable address

Use for legal notice /publication’s imprint

Receive designated government-letters and court summons

Register company with local authorities

Incorporate a company at this address

Legal Addresses around the world

Local legal regulations differ around the world and we have tailored our registered address service to that. Depending on the country you choose , our registered address will have a different name and provide a different service.



United Kingdom
Hong Kong

Registered addres is a legal requirement for all LTDs and LLPs incorporated in the UK. It provides Companies House or HMRC with an official address for delivering legal notices and statutory mail. It must be a physical postal




Registered Agent is needed to register a business. A Registered Agent is responsible for receiving legal documents on behalf of your business. These papers can include service of process of legal action (i.e. a lawsuit) and state filings, such as annual reports.




A Registered office address is needed to register your company with the authorities.
It often includes a rental contract as well as your company name on the door. It
can be used to receive different kind of mail. from government bodies.



France, Malta

Domiciliation is needed to operate a company. It is a more formal rent contract, that must fulfill certain obligations: being in written form and stating the unique identification number and the location of the domicile.

Please note: this overview is only a short abstract of the term legal address and does not provide any legal advice or claims to be correct or complete. If you have questions how the legal address fits to your individual needs, please consult a lawyer or accountant.

Combine your ClevverAddress service with
other great Clevver services


A postbox is always the base product for any legal address because we
need to be able to take care of your daily mail. Choose from
different monthly plans to match your mail volume


When you want to start your own company at one of our Clevver locations.
We support 20 jurisdictions. Fast and digital company formation services.
Get in contact with our formation experts now.


A virtual office is often a combination of address + local phone number.
We offer phone numbers in 80 countries around the world. Easy to add to your
postbox. Receive incoming calls and make
outgoing calls using our ClevverNumber APP.

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