ICO STO token programming and integration
Creation of certified token investment platform
Listing of token at common token exchanges
Building right company structure in token friendly country

ClevverCrypto Services

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the tokenization of your assets and the most suitable company structure


Comprehensive consulting and concept development on ICO and STO. Definition and programming of the corresponding smart contracts on different blockchains (ETH, Cardano, etc.).


Creation and development of a certified White Label Token Platform. Including investors Onboarding with money laundering compliant KYC & AML.


Guided token sale via white label platform with FIAT money and/or cryptocurrency.


Establishment of the appropriate corporate structure for token issuance in token friendly countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, etc.)


Additional services such as safekeeping, escrow, auditing, tax advice, and more.


Clevver White Label Token Platform

FIAT, crypto token sales as well as customer database with money laundering compliant KYC / AML.

Trust a partner with several years of experienced various crypto
projects worldwide

Easy administration

Keep track of your investors and their subscriptions at all times in your personal administration area


Our blockchain technology sets new security standards, is regulated by law and externally certified.


We take over the creation, digital signing and archiving of all process-related steps for you.

Protection of data privacy

The digital assets of customers are stored in digital crypto wallets in compliance with data protection requirements.

The Tokenization Process


In an initial meeting we discuss your token project, the best suited company structure and corresponding closed or open sales channels.


Legal Structure
The choice of the right legal structure for an STO / ICO is a decisive crucial component for the success of the project. We advise accordingly the best jurisdiction in the USA, Asia or Europe.


Token Creation
We take over the definition and programming of the smart of your token on a blockchain of Blockchain of your choice. (Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and many more).


Investor KYC and Distribution
We offer a certified white label software platform for the verification (KYC/AML) of investors as well as for the sale of tokens with FIAT/ cryptocurrencies. Also we list we list your token on well known Crypto Exchanges.


What does the tokenization process cost?

Prices based on a practical example

Clevver will always present prices and services in the most transparent and comprehensible way. However, a tokenization project is individual and therefore cannot be quantified with a standard price. Therefore, we give you an example price for a tokenization project with a company structure in Liechtenstein:

Price example: Liechtenstein

AG Company Liechtenstein:

6500 - 10000EUR (one-time)

plus share capital AG: 50000 CHF

Registration according to TVTG:

25000 - 35000EUR (one-time)

plus registration fee 5000 CHF

Preparation of securities brochure :

35000 - 45000EUR (one-time)

plus approval fee : 5000 CHF

Preparation of necessary contracts:

as required/optional

Registration of trademarks/copyrights:

as required/optional

White Label Token Platform:

25000 - 35000EUR

(one-time, depending on features needed)

License costs:

1200 - 2500EUR /month

(depending on user and token project)

Token Structure with White Label Platform and Company Setup in example Liechtenstein LIVE in 2-3 month​

Token-based asset values are predicted to have massive market potential. Estimates suggest that up to USD 24 trillion of financial assets will be stored on the blockchain by 2027.

How does tokenization of assets work?

Through tokenization, any asset (real estate, cars, precious metals, diamonds, art, wines, stocks, etc.) can be capitalized and traded as digital securities on closed or open exchanges. Tokenization creates a digital version of the asset. This can be sold and divided by denomination to many buyers /investors. These small shares are called “tokens.” The information on ownership, distribution and other components of the contract are stored decentrally on the blockchain. The settlement is 100% secure and does not require a central controlling entity. The issuance of tokens is also called ICO (initial coin offering) in reference to an initial public offering (IPO) or in the case of a security token also STO.

ClevverToken offers you a complete package consisting of the appropriate company structure. In addition, Clevver advises on the token design and programs the smart contract (definition, aut. distribution of dividends, etc.) on a blockchain of your choice. (Ethereum, Cardano, and many more). Clevver offers you a white label software platform where tokens can be bought / traded with FIAT or cryptocurrencies for a closed circle of investors. For investor verification, the platform offers a complete KYC and AML process. Clevver can also list your token on well-known exchanges to offer the token to a much wider customer base.

Example of the tokenization of assets using the example of a Ferrari

AutoAsset Group Ltd. buys high quality cars with collector value. In this case, a “LaFerrari” worth USD 1,500,000 is to be purchased be sold to investors via token denomination. Investors invest via the digital share certificate (token) and participate in the value development and the final selling price in 10 years.

The Ferrari is issued via 1,500,000 security tokens (1 share = 1 USD) to customers in packages of x 5000 tokens. The smart contract includes the share certificate of the car as well as an automated payment of the increase in value per year (dividend).

Company structure: Auto Asset Group Ltd. establishes an AG in Liechtenstein through Clevver. Liechtenstein has developed an appropriate legal framework in recent years, so that digital assets can be traded easily and uncomplicatedly on an equal footing with real assets. Clevver also assists with the bank account, the preparation of the valuation report and offers trustee services in Liechtenstein for the safekeeping of the vehicle title.

The Smart Contract programming via Clevver includes the digital share certificate of the car as well as the determination of an automated dividend distribution per year / in case of sale after 10 years. The smart contract is written on the well-known blockchain Ethereum.

The smart contract token is held in Clevver’s white label platform and can be purchased here against FIAT money or other cryptocurrencies by investors. The investors are registered in advance in the platform and verified according to the Money Laundering Act (KYC / AML).

What is the size of the market for tokenized assets

Token-based asset values are predicted to have massive market potential. Estimates suggest that up to USD 24 trillion of financial assets will be stored on the blockchain by 2027, which would correspond to 10% of (projected) global GDP (cf. WEF 2015) – and this does not yet take real assets into account.

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