The Netherlands: BV

Why is it beneficial for a company to incorporate in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most attractive European locations for incorporating a company. This highly developed and innovative country boasts a strong economy, an impressive number-four ranking by the freedom to trade internationally and offers a considerable level of economic freedom according to the 2019 Fraser Institute report. Here are some main points to highlight what makes the Netherlands a great place to incorporate your business:

Steady economy:
The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most significant economies and a strong competitor in a variety of business sectors, including banking, services, and manufacturing. The industry is booming with the production of electronics, machinery, food and so forth. The country has an advanced finance sector, with the Amsterdam Stock Exchange being one of the leaders worldwide.

Strategic location:
This gem of de Lage Landen not only is just one short flight away from most places in Europe, but also its coastline ensures that the location is of international significance. Dutch access to the North Sea enables a vital transportation route connecting Western Europe with other continents and thus rendering the Port of Rotterdam one of the most important worldwide.

Taxation and legal system:
The dutch tax system is extremely appealing: the corporate tax rate depends on whether the profits exceed €200,000. If not, the corporate tax amounts to only 16.5% and is expected to sink to 15% by 2021. Furthermore, the Dutch tax system rewards innovation with the so-called Innovation Box. Taxpayers based in the Netherlands can get their effective corporate income tax rate reduced to 7% on eligible profits (2019). The incorporation process allows for certain flexibility – in fact, setting up a company in the Netherlands has never been easier. Although a Dutch notary is necessary for the incorporation itself, (which can be taken care of by Clevver, if you wish so), the directors and shareholders of the company don’t usually have to be present.

What type of companies can be formed in the Netherlands?

The most popular company type attracting foreigners to incorporate in the Netherlands is the BV. Here are a few perks associated with it:

  • In terms of financial assets, you’ll need a deposit of minimum €0,01, apart from the additional cost of registration, which currently amounts to €50.
  • A single shareholder who can simultaneously function as a director is enough – you have the freedom to get your BV going all by yourself!
  • In general, liability for the BV is associated with the company itself, as opposed to the individuals behind it.

The Netherlands – BV incorporation factsheet

Basis of legal systemUnder CivilLaw.
Governing corporate legislationMinistry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.
StabilityStable jurisdiction with a very good reputation.
Minimum directors/shareholders1 director and 1 shareholder, can be the same person
Information published relating to company officersUpon registration, names of company’s officers & shareholders will appear in the public registry.
Paid up capital requirementMinimum share capital: 0,01 €
Accounting requirementannual financial accounts every year with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK)
Timespan incorporationWithin a few days.



The Netherlands - BV

1499 €

Incporporation (incl. Goverment fees & dutch notary fees)
Name Check & Clearance
up to 3 individual shareholders
1 individual director
Articles of association
A draft of the incorporation deed before finalizing
Preparation of the official deed of incorporation
Translation of the incorporation deed English-Dutch
Notarization of documents by ducth notary (incl. Dutch notary fees)
Filing incorporation with Chamber of Commerce
Digital Certificate of Incorporation
Digital share certificate

All prices excluded VAT

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