Mail Forwarding

All of your letters and packages in one central, digital mailbox – or, if you like, in your actual, real-life mailbox.

With ClevverMail, you have the chance to instantly look over all the letters and packages that arrive at your international addresses via a scan, no matter where you are. If you decide, either on the receipt of your mail or before it arrives, that the digital version isn’t enough for certain items and that you would prefer to have the original, physical versions, then you can quickly and easily request the post to be forwarded. At each of the business addresses we offer worldwide, our staff are ready to send on all of your incoming mail upon your request to any of the addresses that you have entered into your Clevver account – which, of course, you are free to amend or add to at any time. To initiate the forwarding of letters and packages, it takes just the click of a button for each respective post item. Within 24-48 hours, your selected post will be dispatched and on its quick and secure journey to your chosen address.

Keep track of your mail from anywhere in the world

The moment a post item arrives at your business address, you will receive information about the sender, the format, and the weight of the mail. Based on this, you can choose from three options: you can have the mail scanned, forwarded, or discarded. If you can already figure out from the information we have sent you that it would be better for the mail to be forwarded on to you directly in its original form, you can have the post items forwarded right away. If you would rather have a quick look at the contents of a letter or package before deciding, you can choose to have it scanned, and you can still have it forwarded afterwards if need be. How much the forwarding of your mail will cost depends on the address it will be posted to. However, you will always be informed of the conditions and costs before you commit to sending your items.

Benefits of ClevverMail:

  • You can have your letters and packages forwarded to any address worldwide
  • The moment a post item arrives for you at your business address, or the moment after it has been scanned, you can request that the mail be forwarded with fair and clearly stated conditions
  • Forwarded mail will also remain in your virtual mailbox for viewing
  • Your post will be on its way to you within 24-48 hours

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