Scanning letters & parcels

Have your letters and packages scanned at the click of a button and access them digitally wherever you are

You will be immediately informed of the receipt of any letters and packages through the central online interface and, if desired, also through the app. This will give you information about the sender, plus the size and the weight of the letters or packages. From here, you can request that your post be scanned, or chose from several other options. Our staff will prepare your post as a high-resolution PDF document (with a working search function) or a photo shortly. You will also be able to access and view your mail easily, without needing to download anything, in your virtual postbox. And, of course, you will save yourself unnecessary trips to the mailbox and the constant battle against that pile of paper on your desk. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to access your mail at all times –  and if you do need a physical or original document, you can simply request it to be mailed over to you. This is how excellent digital post management should work.

How long does it take for mail to be scanned and how does it work with packages?

Choose virtual post and benefit from the advantages of a paperless office with the scan service from ClevverMail. You’ll only have to wait a maximum of 48 hours between your post arriving in your mailbox and being able to access your prepared PDF document. Our staff are able to make searchable, high-resolution PDF scans of all kinds of letters and documents, allowing you to fully interact with your mail. Packages will have their contents and packaging photographed, which will be accessible to you as a regular image document. What’s more, your original scan will be held at your account for twelve months after the scan is made. In order to save the digital copy, you can simply set up a Dropbox or email connection to your postbox and transfer all your scans with ease to your PC Dropbox space or email address.

Benefits with ClevverMail

  • Envelopes and contents are scanned separately
  • Scans of packages and parcels consist of photos of the outer packaging and its contents
  • Even large and bound documents that require a more complicated scanning process can be organized without extra costs
  • You can set scanning as your standard sending option using the interface
  • Your letters will be turned into high-resolution PDF documents with a working search function
  • Scans of post are carried out with the highest possible levels of discretion and security
  • If you would like your post to be discarded after scanning, you can trust that it will be responsibly and securely disposed of

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