Outgoing calls

When you call someone, you want to use your international phone number – with ClevverNumber, this is possible.

Having an international phone number and receiving calls and have them forwarded to your mobile is great, but what happens, if you want to call your customer? You might not want to disclose your real phone number. But what can you do?

With ClevverNumber you just make the phone call. As ClevverNumber is different than other VOIP-Providers, you can make a phone call with your international number using our convenient app. The called party will see your international phone number in his display.

Benefits of ClevverNumber:

  • Local- and Toll-free phone numbers in 79 countries around the globe
  • Outgoing calls can be easily made with the ClevverNumber app
  • Incoming calls can be redirected to any phone number worldwide
  • You can easily set up a reception menu for your callers
  • You can set up intelligent rules and scenarios how incoming calls should be forwarded
  • You can set up unlimited voicemails for all your numbers.

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