Zurich – a city of green and gold

Zurich is money’s HQ. It’s not just the many banks and the stock exchange that makes it so; luxury is woven into the city’s fabric, from its economy to its culture. Elegant, exclusive boutiques and jewelers dot throughout, as do stylish cafes and high-end galleries. This self-assured city exudes a quiet confidence, effortlessly balanced with a typical down-to-earth Swiss attitude. All this makes for a unique atmosphere. The city is also home to multiple global companies, and the greater Zurich area is by far one of the most important economic regions in Switzerland. In addition, Zurich airport’s strong infrastructure has helped it win the title of “leading airport in Europe” several times, and there are direct connections to over 170 destinations. In Zurich, everything runs, you could say, like clockwork. Your business address in this beautiful and dynamic city is already waiting for you. Set it up now and make the most of what Zurich has to offer.

Your business address in Zurich comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits

Do you want to internationalize your business without the huge associated overhead? It’s easy with ClevverMail: a business address in Zurich could be yours within minutes. Your business will be based in one of the city’s most highly sought-after spots, right in the center and 200 meters from the central train station. By only renting a digital address and postbox online, you can avoid having to pay huge sums for offices and employees. This concept has nothing in common with offshore postal companies. Actual Clevver employees will work at your business address in Zurich and look after your mail. You’ll be able to manage your address easily via the intuitive interface and always have complete control. Clients can reach you at any time via your business address in Zurich, and the location of your new base alone will put your business in an enviable position and provide the right conditions for it to grow sustainably.

With ClevverMail, you can work in Zurich from wherever you are in the world, and your new business address can be easily managed online or via smartphone. Set up is incredibly easy, and once you’re done, your new mailbox is ready to use. You will be informed via your mailbox immediately when letters and packages arrive at your business address in Zurich. You can then decide whether to have the employees scan, forward, or destroy your post, all at the touch of a button. Depending on your decision, you will either receive a high-resolution PDF, the physical package itself, or will hear no more about that particular item of mail. All processes are bound by the highest security measures and discretionary requirements, so you can rest assured that your mail is always in good hands. You can start renting a business address in Zurich from just 5.95 euros a month, with all features and benefits included. You’ll be impressed by what’s in store for you, just like thousands of other happy ClevverMail customers.


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