Amazon return shipments UK

The internet revolution has brought us a huge number of ways to run a profitable business selling worldwide from anywhere we happen to be. One of the main driving forces for this has been Amazon, its Marketplace system has enabled many people to market and sell products across the globe. However, they recently changed some of their terms, and now require that anyone selling to a particular market, such as the UK, should also have a local return address in that market as well. This could be a problem to many, which is why we have introduced our Amazon return shipments service in the UK.

Although the obvious choice for this Amazon return shipments service in the UK is that of companies external to the UK needing a return address for their business, our abilities are also useful to UK companies looking to outsource the administration of their Amazon returns.

The Amazon return shipments service in the UK is a very simple process to keep control of, and is extremely comprehensive. We have designed this Amazon return shipments service in the UK to fully comply with all Amazon requirements for your peace of mind, but in operation is still extremely easy to run. Using your Clevvermail address for Amazon returns gives you a few options for how it operates as well, so can be tailored to your needs. On receiving your returns, we photograph the label and package so you are fully aware of the products being returned and comply fully with Amazon’s systems. After that, you choose what happens with the returned goods. We can dispose of them, or return them to any address of your choosing on either a weekly or monthly basis, whichever suits. If you choose for the goods to be sent to you, at the end of each chosen period, all returns will be sent to you in a single package. This not only saves costs, but makes dealing with them a simpler, more predictable operation.

The Amazon return shipments service in the UK we offer is the ideal solution for those wanting to take full advantage of the Amazon Marketplace whilst remaining within the rules set out by Amazon for customer service, all for a low, controllable cost.