Golden rules for a golden beginning: The 9 best tips for young entrepreneurs starting a business

Being a young entrepreneur with a fledgling business can be an extremely frightening experience for many. If you are one of them, rest assured: with enough preparation, you will have nothing to worry about. To help you, we made a checklist that can make your venture fruitful from the very start.

Your checklist for the American Dream: 5 things to consider before doing business in New York

If New York City was a country, its economy would still be among the top 15 globally due to its massive finance, media and telecommunication industries. All that make the city an ideal place to do business in, and to facilitate your market entry to the Big Apple, we collected a few essential steps for…


Less hassle, more efficiency: 5 benefits of having a virtual office

A virtual office is a new product category that is very underrated, however, if you’re thinking about expanding your business to Asia, Australia or America, then you are sure to benefit from the advantages of such a service. We have collected 5 unbeatable points in favour of a virtual office to consider if you’re about…


Your chance to grow: The 5 best places in the world to expand as a business

As the world is constantly changing each day and globalization is on full throttle, a business can really fall behind its competition if it only focuses on one target audience or one specific location. Most startups, medium-sized businesses or big companies must find the perfect social segments and the best places to expand internationally. Luckily,…


Dubai – Towards The Sky

Who hasn’t awed at the wonder Dubai has become in the last few decades? In the middle of the 20th century, the city (and its home country, the United Arab Emirates), relied mostly on trade, but the discovery of oil reserves helped them skyrocket into prosperity, providing a solid base on which the current economy…