Business Address

Today’s smart business professionals know better than to let a physical office tie them down. Thanks to the internet, you can talk face-to-face with a contractor on another continent, hand your boss that revision while you’re on vacation, and check those timecards from the comfort of your own home. Now, you can add your office to your list of apps. With your free virtual business address from ClevverMail, you can take your entire business with you wherever you go.

ClevverMail is a complete file management and business address service based in Berlin, Germany, the precision engine that drives the economy of Europe. We’ll set up a business address account for you at our facility in Germany, where you can send and store all of your important documents and packages. We’ll scan them as searchable PDFs and put them in a private virtual postbox that you can access from anywhere on Earth. And ClevverMail will forward any piece of mail from your business address in Germany to any other address in the world.

Because we deal regularly with all shipping companies, you know that we will always be there to sign for your mail when it‘s sent to your virtual business address. Because all our files are stored on 256-bit, SSL-encrypted servers in certified data centers, you can be sure that no one’s going to be opening your confidential correspondence. And because we offer unlimited shredding and document disposal, you can rest easy knowing that when you trash a file in your digital postbox, it will be treated with the same thoroughness at your business address in Germany.

Germany is one of the economic powerhouses of Europe, widely considered the backbone of the EU. Berlin’s economy outperforms even the rest of Germany, according to the 2012 Berlin Business and Innovation Report. With a global reputation for top-flight private research facilities, an investment-friendly environment, and thriving trade with North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, Berlin is at the center of the world economy. Giving your business address as “Berlin, Germany” instantly associates you with internationally renowned companies like Siemens, Herlitz, and Deutsche Bahn – names synonymous with quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Whether you’re a busy home businessperson, a global operator who doesn’t want to be tied down to an office, or an aspiring professional looking for world-class mail services with internet-age convenience, ClevverMail’s virtual business address service will streamline your operation. Sign up for free and get started today!