Mail Forwarding Service

What does the daily post deliver? Sometimes, it feels like nothing but hassle. Whenever you’re out of town, you fill out a hold form, and hope they remember. Every time you move, it’s time for that lumpy packet of change-of-address forms (and how often do they keep on delivering to your old address, even after you tell them not to?). And forget about staying stress-free when an important package is on its way – we’ve all found one of those “Sorry We Missed You!“ stickers on the front door after we dared to step out for half an hour.

Well, if the post office won’t do anything about the situation, you can. Use ClevverMail’s mail forwarding service to beat the postman at his own game. We’ll give him a new mailing address at our facility in Berlin. When your mail reaches us, we’ll sign for it, then send you an unobtrusive e-mail with the name of the sender, the size of the item, and its weight. As an added bonus, we’ll scan the outside of the package or envelope so you can see it for yourself. You can choose for us to open the mail and scan it for you as a super-convenient PDF, trash it sight unseen (we’ll even shred and recycle it for you!), or use our mail forwarding service to send your mail to you – anywhere on Earth!

Let others scribble on those hold forms. With ClevverMail’s mail forwarding service, you can have your mail delivered straight to your hotel, no matter where you’re vacationing. Relax and go out shopping, secure in the knowledge that ClevverMail will sign for your important package, then tell our mail forwarding service when and where to send it. Snooping friends and family are a thing of the past. They can’t peek at their gifts when they’re in Germany, can they? Tell our mail forwarding service where to deliver them and surprise everyone on Christmas Day.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, ClevverMail’s mail forwarding service is perfect for your needs. We work with shipping companies worldwide, and we’re based in Berlin, Germany, an international shipping hub, so you know we can get your mail to you fast. Our servers are SSL-encoded in secure data facilities, so every e-mail and scan we send to you safe and confidential. Our mail forwarding service is free to sign up for and cheap and simple to use — try us today!