Mail Redirection Service

Dealing with the daily post can be such a headache. Going out of town feels like asking teacher for permission to go to the bathroom, as you fill out all those silly hold forms (and hope they remember to honor them). You have enough to worry about when you’re moving to a new home without the hassle of those change-of-address packets. And how many times have you dared to step out of the house for five minutes, only to find one of those “Sorry We Missed You!“ stickers taunting you when you return?

Give the post office a good kick in the pants with ClevverMail’s mail redirection service. We’ll give you a new, permanent mailing address at our facility, so you can sign your last change of address form ever. Have all your mail sent to us (don’t worry, someone will always be there to sign for that package — we hate those stickers, too!). The same day, we’ll send you an unobtrusive e-mail with the name of the sender, the size of the item, and its weight. As a bonus, we’ll scan the outside of the package or envelope so you can read it for yourself. What happens to the contents is your decision: we can deliver them to you as a digital PDF, we can shred and recycle them on-site, we can store them for you indefinitely, or you can use our mail redirection service to forward them to you, no matter where you are in the world.

You’re an adult. Stop asking permission to go on vacation and let ClevverMail’s mail redirection service deliver everything straight to your hotel. Leave the house without fear, secure in the knowledge that ClevverMail will sign for your important package, then tell our mail redirection service when and where to send it at your convenience, not the postman’s. And the kids can forget about finding the Christmas gifts you bought in August, because you’ve had them delivered and stored across the Atlantic in our Berlin headquarters. Our mail redirection service is the foolproof recipe for holiday surprises.

No matter if you’re a busy individual or a growing business, ClevverMail’s mail redirection service is perfect for your lifestyle. We work with shipping companies around the globe, and we’re based in Berlin, Germany, one of the world’s most efficient shipping hubs, so you know we have the ability to get you your mail fast. All our data is SSL-encoded on servers stored in secure facilities, you know your scans and e-mails are safe. Sign up for our mail redirection service today. It’s the best way tell the postman what you think of him.