Virtual Business Address

You can talk face-to-face with a contractor on another continent, hand in that revised report while you’re on vacation, and see how your accounts are doing without going to the bank. As a smart, internet-savvy business professional, you know better than to let a physical office tie you down. Now, you can turn your whole office into an app, with a virtual business address from ClevverMail.

A file management and virtual business address service based in Berlin, Germany, the engine that drives the economy of Europe, ClevverMail will set up an account for you at our facility in Germany, where you can send and store all of your important packages and documents. We’ll scan everything as searchable PDFs, then put them in a private digital postbox that you can access from anywhere on Earth. And, if you need the originals, ClevverMail will forward any stored item from your virtual business address to anywhere else in the world.

We deal regularly with all shipping companies, both local and international, so you know that a real person will be at your virtual business address to sign for your mail. All our files are stored on 256-bit, SSL-encrypted servers in certified, secure data centers, you can be certain that your confidential correspondence is safe with us. And, thanks to our unlimited shredding and document disposal service, when you trash a file stored at your virtual business address online, you can rest easy knowing it’s really gone.

When you pick a virtual business address in Germany, you’re associating yourself with one of the economic powerhouses of Europe, and the backbone of the EU. Berlin’s economy is among the best in Germany, according to the 2012 Berlin Business and Innovation Report, which makes it one of the best in the world. With top-flight private research installations, investment-ready capital, and busy international trade across three continents, Berlin is at the center of the world economy. When you list your business address as “Berlin, Germany,” international investors will think of world-famous companies like Siemens, Herlitz, and Deutsche Bahn – names synonymous with tradition, innovation, and top-quality products and services.

Whether you’re busy running a home business, a global professional who hates the idea of being tied down at an office, or if you’re just looking for world-class mail service crossed with internet-age convenience, ClevverMail’s virtual business address service is your solution. Sign up for free today!