Virtual Office Service

File cabinets and local post-office boxes don’t fit today’s global workplace. Go international from the comfort of home with ClevverMail’s revolutionary Virtual Office service. From online file management to a digital post office, let us bring your business into the future.

Tired of that storage room full of back documents? Our Virtual Office service has you covered. Send us your old files; we’ll turn them into searchable PDFs. Send us new documents as you get them, and we’ll add them to your digital dropbox. Or get them shipped to the same Berlin address as the rest of your mail, and let us do all the work for you. Whether it’s tax information, investment statements, or important legal mail, lose the risk and gain the security of our protected servers.

Keeping your physical mail neat and organized is one of the hardest parts of managing your life. At ClevverMail, we undersand your pain, which is why our Virtual Office service will keep everything for you our storage facility. We’ll receive your mail at your very own Berlin postal address, scan it for you, store it in our secure servers, and forward it anywhere in the world. Read your mail online, search through your documents just like your e-mail, or just glance at the envelope and decide to trash it. Store your physical mail for as long as you want. You can even get rid of that annoying office shredder: your Virtual Office service comes with its own secure disposal and recycling system.

Thinking of setting up your own business? Need a central address for a business franchise? Want to lend some international prestige to an existing business? Our Virtual Office service gives you an instant business address in Berlin, one of Europe’s most important economic centers and “the startup capital of Germany,” according to Berlin Business News. Our sorting, filtration, and search systems let you keep all your business records up to date and organized in one central location. Don’t wait to set up a physical office: get your Virtual Office service in Berlin now through ClevverMail, and give your startup a leg up in the global marketplace.

Whether you’re a global adventurer who‘s tired of dealing with held mail, a travel-heavy professional who can’t wait for the return flight to receive important documents, or just someone looking to get rid of the clutter that comes with the daily post, ClevverMail’s Virtual Office service is the answer you’ve been looking for. Sign up today – it’s fast, cheap, and secure. Just be sure to let those file cabinets down gently.