ClevverMail FAQ

ClevverMail is the easiest and cheapest way to obtain and manage one or several prestigious postal street addresses all over the world. Also, ClevverMail gives users just one online interface under which to digitally manage all of their incoming mail regardless of the location of the postbox. Any request that comes in digitally will be processed by staff within 24-48 hours.

ClevverMail is based on a simple idea: a virtual postbox for all your real postal mail. When mail arrives, it is accepted and registered by the ClevverMail team. Users immediately receive a notification and then by logging into their accounts via browser or app, can digitally decide whether to scan their mail into a searchable PDF, upload it to their private Dropbox, have it forwarded to any address in the world or have it securely shredded.

With ClevverMail alone this is unfortunately not possible – and depending on the country could be seen as illegal by the authorities.

But we also get you covered on this topic. With the ClevverMail add-on “Business & Registered Address” we offer a special service that covers the different legal requirements on our locations. You can easily book it as an add-on during the checkout-process, when ordering your ClevverMail postbox. If you already have a ClevverMail postbox you can upgrade it.

Yes, if you have a Business Postbox. A postbox can be immediately upgraded to a Business Postbox if you wish to test our service with an As You Go or Private postbox first.

Yes you can – our subscriptions are monthly based, meaning you can either delete your postbox and/or account immediately or have the subscription end by the end of month, after which it will be automatically deleted and you won’t of course be charged for the new month.

Security is very important to us, and we make sure your personal information and mail is kept safe. Billing is handled automatically and no financial information is stored in our systems. Passwords and all your data is handled via secure servers. Our storage facility is secured and all staff members that handle mail have been thoroughly screened.

Yes this is possible – within your account postbox settings simply give in the personal and business name that the postbox should receive mail for.

Yes this is possible, however you can only have one personal and/or business name per postbox. The names for each postbox can be changed anytime.

We accept all mail and packages regardless of size and weight. If you wish to use our service for packages that are out of the ordinary size, please let us know so we can accomodate our services to suit your needs.

We accept mail and package deliveries from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and any other shipping companys. Our facility is open during regular business hours, and we sign for all your mail and package deliveries. For any items that require personal identification (post ID or similar) we would need a power of attorney from you allowing us to accept this mail.

Your mail is stored for as long as you need it. Depending on your postbox type, storage of mail is free for up to the first 20 days. We will not trash your mail until we receive the request from you to do so.

Our mail forwarding service ensures that you only receive the physical packages and letters you really want. You simply choose which items you want, where and when you want them sent, and we will forward them to you to any destination in the world. As a standard we use the most cost-efficient courier service, however very soon you will also have the choice in your account to choose your preffered courier service and shipping method.

Yes, this is possible! You can easily add and manage them all in your account.

yes, at most of our locations, you can personally pickup your items. You can order the pickup in the system, this will let us know to prepare your items. When you come into our location, please bring your ID. The cost for the pickup will be 1 EUR for all letters together and 1 EUR for each package.

Mail is normally registered within 12 – 24 hours after its arrival and is also opened and scanned within another 12 hours after an opening and scanning request arrives from you.

If you decide to shred the mail, we will take immediate action. Your mail is then shredded according to data protectin regulations. This step cannot be made undone.

ClevverNumber FAQ

After you sign up you can have as many phone numbers as you wish in your account, anywhere in the world. Calls to your international phone numbers can be forwarded to any destination worldwide at the cost of a local call.
Phone numbers can have a setup, a monthly fee plus a per-minute cost for receiving and forwarding incoming calls to your mobile or any other destination.
You can also create Voice apps – or Voice response – in order to give an even more professional impression to those calling you. There is no monthly cost for having voice apps – only a small fee per usage.
You can create Conference rooms and invite anyone to call in via a local phone number.
You can connect all your employees worldwide to the service by adding them as Users in your account. This means that you more easily can forward incoming calls to them and that they get a Clevver voicemail box. They can also use our apps to make international calls. There is no cost for adding Users in your account.
All charges for phone numbers are deducted from your Clevver account – so make sure that it has a positive balance or else the service will stop. You can refill it with a Credit Card, PayPal and a couple of other options.

Start by signing up for an account on clevver.io.
During the sign up process, you can select ClevverNumber as the product of your choice.. You can then select numbers that you want to buy right away. After signing up you can always buy more numbers by clicking on “Add a new number” in the Account Settings.

There is no limitation to the amount of numbers in your account. You can have one phone number or tens of thousands of phone numbers – in one or many different countries.
It’s up to you.

When you sign in to your account at clevver.io you have the ability to configure your phone numbers.
All your phone numbers are shown in the Phone Number section. To configure a phone number, so that incoming calls are connected to the right person/destination, click on the EDIT button next to the phone number in the phone number list:
Phone Number
Your phone number is shown in the international format followed by the country and city or number-type of the number.
Connect calls to
Where should incoming calls be connected? Select one of these choices.
Calls to the phone number are ignored. The caller will get an error message that the number is not valid.
Phone number
If you select this option, another drop down menu will appear with all the targets that have been defined. A target is mainly a phone number.
To a Voice application.
Connect the phone number to a Welcome menu for callers. A second drop down menu appears for selected Welcome menu (in case you have more than one).
To SIP phone.
Enter any SIP-address. Formats supported are the same as for making calls.

Download the free ClevverNumber Android or iPhone app, sign in, and start calling.
With the apps you can call your regular contacts as well as any phone numbers worldwide at the cost of local calls.
The app automatically sets up a local call in your country between your mobile and Clevver network, as well as a local call in the country you want to call, and then bridges the two calls together – negating the need to pay for an international call. This also ensures a superior call quality.
The local call in your country is either be done with Call thru (your phone calls us) or with Call back (we call your mobile phone). Call thru works in many countries. Call back works worldwide.
This basically means that you pay for two local calls when making international calls.
Using IP-telephony
The more technically savvy users can also connect IP-telephony phones to the Clevver service. This can be software or apps in mobiles or laptops or physical desktop phones for use at the office.

The easiest way to find out is to look in our price list. But here are the general principles.
The following charges apply to all phone numbers:

  • Monthly fee
  • Call forwarding cost

If you forward the incoming call to a mobile phone number or other number there is always a call forwarding cost – usually at the cost of a local call.
The following charges apply to only a few numbers:

  • One time set-up fee
  • Some more expensive numbers come with a one time set-up fee.
  • Per minute fee for incoming calls.
  • Toll free numbers and a few others – such as numbers in China, Alaska and Hawaii – have an additional per minute fee for incoming calls.

You can refill your Clevver account with the following payment methods.
Credit card PayPal and Bank Transfer
A credit Card payment is possible with VISA or Mastercard. 3D secure is used when supported by the card. All communication is encrypted and the payment will be done via payment provider Payone. No sensitive card data is stored in Clevver systems.
How to pay:

  • Sign in at clevver.io.
  • Click on Phone Settings
  • Click on the logo of the payment method you want to use in the section “Make a deposit payment into your account”

You can set a low balance warning into the system, so you receive a message before you run low on your phone account.

You can answer calls with your mobile phone. No app or software is needed since incoming calls are forwarded to your regular mobile phone number.
Here are the different ways available for answering incoming calls to your Clevver numbers.
Forward calls to your regular phone
The standard approach is to forward incoming calls to a phone number anywhere worldwide (mobile or landline) at the cost of a local call.
Answer with Voice response
If you want to sound more professional, you can connect the incoming call to a Voice response service (“For sales press 1”) which thereafter can forward the call onward to you or someone else in your team – or take a message.
Answer with IP telephony
You can also answer incoming calls with a standard IP-telephony phone. This includes software apps that can be installed in laptops and mobiles, as well as office phones that you can have on your desk.
You can also (if you are really, really techie) forward incoming calls to a so called SIP-addresses.
Have multiple phones ring at the same time
If you enter multiple phone numbers for call forwarding (your mobile and your home landline etc.) in your personal settings, while perhaps also having multiple IP-telephony phones connected to the service – then they will all ring at the same time when there is a call for you, giving you the opportunity to pick up the call with any of the phones.

You will normally see the phone number of the caller.
If you prefer to see your Clevver phone number, then you can do like this:

  • Go into your personal settings at clevver.io and “Calls to me”.
  • Click on “Change” and select what Clevver phone number you would like to see on your phone, when you receive a call via ClevverNumbers.

In most countries it is possible to dedicate a phone number to fax. It is possible to receive fax – but not to send. A phone number that is dedicated to fax cannot receive voice calls.
Clevver provides a Fax-to-email service that converts incoming fax documents to PDF and delivers them to you by email.
To activate this service on a phone number, please contact Customer service.
Activation is free and there is no cost for receiving fax.

Yes and no. You can receive SMS on some types of numbers that we provide. It is however not yet possible to send SMS with our service.
All Mobile numbers that you can purchase from Clevver as well as City numbers in the USA and Canada as well as most city numbers in the UK can receive SMS.
We deliver these SMS messages to you by email (SMS-to-Email). Emails are sent to the user that the Clevver phone number is connected to.
The SMS function is activated by default when you buy a number.
We are planning to add the ability to send and receive SMS in our apps, but this function is not available yet.
Please note that the Clevver service may not be used for identity validation or verification at websites related to banking or any other third party website or online service.

  • Sign in at clevver.io
  • Click on the X button (delete) next to your phone number
  • Uncheck the Renewal box
  • Save

ClevverCompany FAQ

It is simply the nature of people, which means that it is also the nature of your customers, to be at least a little sceptical of businesses with roots in a far-flung foreign country. This is why many businesses find it hard to enter into really important and lucrative markets. With a company in these markets, doing business not only becomes way easier, in some countries you might be required by law to incorporate a company within the country before you even start doing business.

Yes, in the majority of countries, it is possible to incorporate a company as a foreigner. In fact, every day entrepreneurs from around the world are setting up businesses in foreign countries, from major enterprises to small businesses.

With our fast and fully digital processes, incorporating a company can be done within only a few hours – however, this time is always subject to the constraints of the due diligence procedure.

With our fully digital legal online process, incorporating a company is as easy, as shopping online. You will not have to worry about different legal regulations, documents in a foreign language or the question of how to set up the structure of the company. Our internationalization experts and legal teams based in the countries themselves designed a process, that will completely guide you through the incorporation of your company as easy as 1-2-3.

Yes, our legal teams based in the country you choose for incorporating your company, make sure, that your company meets all the legal requirements and is complied with laws and regulations set in place.

ClevverEnterprise FAQ

With ClevverEnterprise, you can offer all the stand-out functions and benefits of our ClevverMail product to your own customers, members, and users. This means that in just minutes they can register several business addresses along with virtual mailboxes to help them expand their companies internationally. Through the intuitive online interface and the mobile app, they can take the wheel when it comes to all their post management activities (including the reception of letters and packages) that are related to their active addresses. Operating international business addresses means they will be able to reach new customers and markets in different regions that will, in turn, lead them to company growth. At the same time, you will be giving your customers, members, and users a solid system that will let them digitize all of their local post management. In every regard, ClevverEnterprise offers a plethora of reasons for customers to choose you.

The main draw is the highly flexible customization possibilities. Because ClevverEnterprise is intended as an innovative, white-label solution, you are free to use your own corporate design and logo, set your own prices and integrate the software into your own domain. ClevverEnterprise will also give you the chance to stride ahead of the competition, as you will be able to offer your customers unmatchable user-advantages. This, together with the fact that you can set your own margins for all the prices for the offered services, will lead to considerable profit increases.

ClevverEnterprise is suitable for anyone who wants to help and support their customers and users to make the leap into the globalized world of business. Thanks to worldwide business addresses at attractive locations, along with software that makes the management of these addresses as simple as can be, the dream of owning an internationally successful business can be made into a reality with very little time and effort. This is something that shared offices and coworking spaces in particular may be interested in offering their members.
On the other hand, ClevverEnterprise can also be used as a helpful internal solution to the logistical post-management problems of companies and institutional facilities. Incoming mail can be centrally digitized and prepared for online viewing by the respective recipients with ease and without hassle. This is why ClevverEnterprise may also be perfect for large companies, incorporated agencies, universities, and other institutions.
Minimum requirement: 10 users, all of whom operate at least one virtual mailbox.

In addition to all current locations, your customers and users can register at over 40 other impressive business addresses spread over five continents and 20 countries. We’re talking from Toronto to Tokyo, from Moscow to Perth! Most of the addresses are based in European cities, such as in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Dublin, and Milan. At each of these addresses, Clevver’s very own trained staff are standing by, ready to process all incoming post and prepare it for digital viewing in the virtual mailbox. The locations on offer from Clevver are specifically chosen in order to appear highly attractive when it comes to international business operations. For more information, please see our location rubric.

You are pretty much free to decide how you price the services that you want to offer your customers and users. For every service, there is a standard base fee, on top of which you can add your own margins to determine the total price for your customers and users. This is how you can take full control over your revenue increase. For more on this, please visit our Prices from ClevverEnterprise page.

In short: no. The software used for the registration and opening of worldwide virtual mailboxes is carried out using the easy-to-understand software assistant, which will allow your customer and users to complete the process in a matter of minutes and just a few short steps. This will ensure that your customer service involvement is kept to an absolute minimum. The management of these international addresses and accounts are is very easy thanks to the intuitive online interface and the sleek, modern Clevver app. Invoices for your customers are also generated automatically, meaning that you will never have to spend too much time on the paperwork.

Very secure. Everything that you or your customers and users do with ClevverMail and ClevverEnterprise is protected by the highest data protection and security standards. Our staff in our many locations are entrusted with the task of handling important and confidential post and packages and are obliged to carry out all their duties with absolute discretion. It is Clevver’s goal to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and part of this is making sure our customers have total peace of mind in knowing that we stick to the strictest standards of safety and security.

You will find more detailed information about Clevver’s prices here. This includes everything you need to know about the monthly or one-off expenses you can expect as a ClevverEnterprise user. It will also show you the minimum prices you will be charging to your own customers and user for the Enterprise services. By adding your own decided-upon margins to these minimum fees, you will have control over ensuring a realistic profit increase with hardly any extra effort or expense

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