Business Mail Forwarding

You keep trying to run a business, but the post office keeps getting in the way. Certified mailings are a chore to deal with (“Sorry We Missed You!”). When you have a flight to catch, you have to hope and pray that the contract reaches you on time, and isn’t delayed by that one crucial day. And forget about receiving important documents when you’re in the field.

The post office doesn’t care about what it takes to operate a business in the 21st century, but we do. With ClevverMail’s business mail forwarding service, Mr. Postman can stay in his comfort zone, while we take his deliveries to the cloud. We’ll give you a new mailing address at our Berlin facility, so you can use it for all your inbound business mail. As soon as we receive your mail, we’ll scan in the outside of the envelope or package and send it to you via e-mail, along with the name of the sender, the size of the item, and its weight. You decide what happens to the contents: we can deliver them to you instantly as a searchable digital PDF, we can shred and recycle them on-site for complete confidential disposal, we can store them for you indefinitely, or you can use our business mail forwarding service to send them to any address in the world.

Let us sign for those certified mailings. Read them online, then use our business mail forwarding service to deliver them to you for safekeeping. Don’t worry about the contract arriving after your flight. As soon as it arrives, ClevverMail will have it scanned in, ready for printing, or just tell business forwarding to mail it right to your hotel. And, no matter where you are in the field, reading or forwarding your business mail there is so easy, your clients will think it’s magic.

No matter the scale of your operation, ClevverMail’s business mail forwarding service is your one-size-fits-all mail solution. Our Berlin facility is based at the heart of an international shipping hub, so you know that the infrastructure is in place to get your mail delivered on time, every time. Any documents we scan are stored on SSL-encoded servers in security-certified data facilities, so you can be certain that your confidential information will stay that way. Let Mr. Postman stay in the past. Take your mail into the future with ClevverMail’s business mail forwarding service. Sign up today!