Document Digitization Service

As cloud computing becomes easier and more intuitive, physical documents have become like the training wheels on your first bike: you used to need them when you were still learning, but do you really need them now? Not anymore, thanks to ClevverMail’s document digitization service. Let us transform all of your important files and documents into ultra-convenient digital copies.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is send your folders to our office, and our document digitization service will take care of the rest. In no time at all, your important files will be converted into Adobe PDFs, the gold standard of digital content. Convenient, searchable, compact, readable on all major platforms and devices, easily translated into other formats for specialty use, once you go digital, you won‘t miss those yellowing papers at all.

Since your virtual files will be stored on our 256-bit, SSL-encrypted servers, which are housed at security-certified data centers, they’ll be safer than they ever could be in your garage or storage room. As part of our document digitization service, everything will be delivered straight to your own personal Dropbox account, where you can organize them with the ease that can only come with cloud storage. What happens to the originals is up to you: we can send them right back to you, forward them to any location in the world, store them indefinitely in our secure vault, or even shred them for you if you decide to trash them. That’s the flexibility of Clevvermail’s document digitization service.

As long as you can access the internet, your most important information will be at your fingertips. Is the tax man hammering at your door? Simply load all your vital financial documents on a tablet or USB drive and take them straight to your accountant. ClevverMail’s document digitization service is perfect for businesses, charities, clubs that operate their own treasuries, or any busy person who desires the instant security that comes with disaster-proof documents.

Use ClevverMail’s document digitization service to send your important files to the cloud as they arrive. We’ll set you up with a mailing address at our scanning facility, so you can have all your important mailings delivered directly to us. They’ll be converted and ready for you to read before you know it. And, with our unique mail filtration and organization system, you can sort your mail faster than you ever could dealing with the postman.

ClevverMail’s isn’t just another cloud computing option. We put your past, present, and future at your beck and call. Sign up now and discover all that our document digitization service has to offer.