Post Scan Service

Have you ever lost that important bill? Misplaced that vital tax return? Accidentally shredded that invoice? It’s so easy for things to go wrong when dealing with the daily post. Isn’t there a better way to get your mail? Now there is, thanks to ClevverMail’s post scan service. Let us transform the way you think of the daily post by delivering it to you digitally.

Getting started with our post scan service is as easy as filling out a change of address form at the post office. We give you a new mailing address at our facility. Once your mail reaches us, we’ll weed out the junk mail that isn’t addressed to you, then e-mail you a scan of the envelope or package, as well as its weight and size. Decide if you want to us to toss what’s inside or use our post scan service to digitize your mail. We’ll convert them into super-convenient PDF format and deliver them to your very own digital postbox, where you can read, sort, and preserve them for as long as you want.

What happens to the originals is up to you: you can have them delivered anywhere in the world, stored in our secure vaults, or shredded and recycled for complete confidentiality. That’s the flexibility of Clevvermail’s post scan service.

All your mail will be stored on our 256-bit, SSL-encrypted servers at super-safe, certified data centers – that’s a lot safer than a box in your garage, or under that vase on the coffee table. Ever wonder where your tax documents from five years ago wandered off to? With our post scan service, you’ll know where they’ll always be, as soon as you get them. Now, that’s worry-free mail.

ClevverMail’s post scan service is perfect for businesses or individuals, and we scan anything, from old personnel files to your child’s report cards. Any busy person who appreciates the instant security that comes with disaster-proof documents will appreciate the value of our post scan service.

Don’t stop with the mail. We offer document scanning, a complete suite of data filter and automation systems, and remote package storage, No matter what your data needs, ClevverMail puts your vital documentation at your command, day or night, feast or famine, fire or flood, anywhere in the world. Sign up now and discover what it means to experience real peace of mind.