Call routing

With our clevver call routing your customers will always reach the right contact person – wherever they are and whenever they are available.

Having international phone connections was complicating, when you not reach the right person at the right time. With our intelligent call routing you can direct all callers to the right contact person in the right time zone.
Let your customers find the right contact person right from the start by setting up your own reception menu. And by starting phone calls to your company with “If you want to talk to customer service please press 1” you will instantly create a more professional image for your business.
You can also set up rules what should happen to your incoming calls. You can have your office phone ring 3 times, than your home phone 2 times and then lead the customer to your mobile. And don’t worry if you can´t get the call or can`t answer the phone, missed calls can be managed and routed to the right voicemail.
You even can set up additional scenarios for absences, so that no call gets lost and you, or and your employees are not disturbed when you are not available.

Benefits of ClevverNumber:

  • Local- and Toll-free phone numbers in 79 countries around the globe
  • Outgoing calls can be easily made with the ClevverNumber app
  • Incoming calls can be redirected to any phone number worldwide
  • You can easily set up a reception menu for your callers
  • You can set up intelligent rules and scenarios how incoming calls should be forwarded
  • You can set up unlimited voicemails for all your numbers.

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