ClevverEnterprise Prices

Distribute Clevver Services as a reseller

Enterprise Setup Fee one-time 599,00 €
Licence to run the software 19,95€/Mth
API Access 99,95 € Per month
Postbox Price 19,95 € Per month
Own mobile app - monthly 199,95 € Per month
Touch Panel at own location - monthly 49,95 € Per month
Own location - monthly 49,95 € Per month
Clevver Subdomain 19,95 € Per month
Own domain 49,95 € Per month

Manage postal mail and customers at your own location

Enterprise Setup Fee one-time 599,00 €
Licence to run the software 19,95€/Mth
Software in own corporate design, use of custom design
Reselling Clevver Locations and Phone numbers
Custom pricing for monthly fees and activities
Reporting and invoicing for each user
Custom Email Setup and SMTP Server
Custom Teams & conditions, data privacy
individual customer support setup

*All prices excluded VAT

Postbox Prices at your own location
Licence fees per postbox at your own location From 100 users: 9.95€/Mth
Up to 100 users: 19.95€/Mth
Contract duration 1 Month / 1 year
*All prices excluded VAT
Number of incoming items 20
Envelope Scanning/Outside scan of parcel 10
Item content Scan 3
Storing of items(letters) 20 days
Storing of items(packages) 10 days

Any activity charges (Scan/Forwarding/ Storage) can be added for your location. There are no additional Clevver costs.

You can also add Clevver locations to your own network. For pricing information see pricelist for Service-Reseller.

Bookable additional services
Your own ClevverMail App for iOS or Android 199,95€/Mth per operation system
Full API connection with documentation 99,95€/Mth
Use of own sub-domain "" for your users 49,95€/Mth
Digital Address Panel for your own location 49,95€/Mth
Your own ClevverNumber App for iOS and Android 1000€/one time setup + 199,95€/Mth per operation system