Legal Addresses

  • Rent your business address at
    40 locations in over 15 countries
  • Registered Agent Service in all
    50 US states
  • Registration of the company address with authorities
  • Address use for company formation
  • Receive and manage letters and
    parcels with Digital Mailbox
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Services you get, when you book an Address with us

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    ClevverAddress is the virtual address service for business customers

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    The business address is available 5 minutes after booking and verification

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    We will receive all your postal mail at each location.
    You can get mail scanned or forwarded worldwide

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    Mail management is done Online in your account or via Apps.
    You can also automate all mail processing.

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    You can optionally book a local phone number at the business address locations

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    Why do I need a business address?
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Choose your desired term

Choose your product at your location

  • Incoming
  • Envelope Scanning
  • Item content scanning
  • Scan of additional pages
  • Additional Storage Letters
  • Additional incoming item without labeling
  • Direct Forwarding (per incident)
  • Direct Forwarding ( based on postal charge)
  • Combined Forwarding (per incident)
  • Combined Forwarding ( based on postal charge)
  • Customs Declaration outgoing (value>1000 EUR)
  • Customs Declaration outgoing (value<1000 EUR)
  • Customs handling import (based on payment value)
  • Charge for cash payment (minimum per event)
  • Charge for cash payment (based on value)
  • Charge for pickup letter (per event for all)
  • Charge for pickup package (per package)
  • Charge for use of own forwarding label
  • Check Submit
  • Very Large Box Price Factor
  • Special request charged by time (EUR/hour)

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