Business & Registered Address

With our Business & Registered Addresses services
your company will appear to have a physical presence
and can even be registered with authorities.

Meet legal requirements

You can meet regulatory requirements with ease, as our Registered Addresses adapt to the local legal regulations.

Register business

Our Business & Registered Addresses give you a local presence and can be registered with the relevant authorities.

Essential for incorporation

For establishing a company in another conutry, you might need a local address – easy as 1-2-3 with ClevverAddress.

What you can do with ClevverMail and the ClevverAddress Business & Registered Address

ClevverMail ClevverAddress
Business Address
Registered Addresses
Receiving letters and parcels
Having a real street address
Use for marketing purposes (website, product packaging, letterheads)
Use as e-commerce return address
Having a summonable address
Use for legal notice / publication’s imprint
Receive designated government-letters and court summons
Register company with local authorities
Incorporate a company at this address

Entdecken Sie Ihre Möglichkeiten mit unserer Business und Registered Address.

As local legal regulations differ around the world, our Registered Address adapts to that. Depending on the location you chose, our Registered Address will have a different name and provide different services. Here is an overview of the most prominent services.


As a legal requirement of all LTDs and LLPs incorporated in the UK, a registered address provides relevant governing bodies like Companies House or HMRC with an official address for delivering legal notices and statutory mail. It must be a full, physical postal address in the same part of the UK where the company is registered.


For registering a business, you’ll need a registered agent. He is responsible for receiving important legal documents on behalf of your business. These papers can include service of process of legal action (i.e. a lawsuit) and state filings, such as annual reports.


For registering your company with the authorities on that specific address. Including a physical desk contract, your business name on the plate and an office that receives all kind of mail, including official mail from government bodies, and that can be accessed during business hours.


For operating a company from an other address, a choice of domicile is needed. It is a more formal rent contract, that must fulfil certain obligations like being in written form and stating the unique identification number and the location of the domicile.

Meet legal requirements

If you’re doing business in another country, you’ll need to have an official address in this country to meet requirements of the local laws and regulations. Also, this official address will be publicly available for anyone to see. As relevant governing bodies use this address for delivering legal notices and statutory mail, there must be someone responsible for receiving important legal documents on behalf of your business. We provide you with your own address, with which you can start your business – meeting the legal requirements.

Physical presence

With a real street address in the country, you’re doing business in, you will easily be perceived as a local business and gain trust from the start. Our Business & Registered Addresses give you a physical presence, right in the centre of countries’ capital and major cities. As this address is a real physical presence, you can apply for local marketing tools and if you’re an online seller, you can even use it as your returns address – enabling you to do sales on the local marketplaces of Amazon or Ebay.

Essential for business incorporation

For founding a company in another country, you will be required to have a physical address in this country. And this physical address must fulfil certain obligations, differing from country to country. With our Registered Address, you are ready to start incorporating your own business abroad.

Portray a professional image

Using an address at a prestigious location that will accept all kinds of physical mail will help you portray a professional image – making it an ideal solution for consultants, freelancers and home businesses. Besides that, disguising your private address will give you more privacy.

A Business or Registered-Address is the ideal add-on for your digital mailbox from ClevverMail

We are a trusted business service provider used by countless freelancers, start-ups and SMEs.

“We use Clevver mainly for Amazon customer returns. Amazon requires us to have a return address in the countries we do business. ClevverMail is an excellent solution to our problem.”

Alex Lishchuk

CEO, BestPysanky

“I love using ClevverMail. I was going to get a PO box at my local post office, but I came across ClevverMail and it was exactly what I needed, and the price was attractive.”

Michelle Martin

Marketing Strategist & Blogger, Nerdy

“I am an internet marketing consultant for clients which I have around the globe. While I travel a lot for business, my clients prefer a “local” contact. With Clevver I found the solution.”

Jeff Lambert

Founder, Jeffinko Guru

“We use ClevverMail to receive returning items of our customers. ClevverMail offers postboxes in all the countries where we have market. We are receiving our first packages and everything works. Thanks to your services we are improving our customer service!”

Sergio Valle

CEO, Tailor4Less

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to several legal regulations in the local regions of our ClevverMail locations, you can only use the ClevverMail address with the Business or Registered Address add-on to print all your business cards, company documents and websites. But with this add-on, you can even register your company on those addresses with authorities.

Because we think that also small enterprises and freelancers should enjoy the benefits of international business and trade, we came up with an affordable pricing, that still has everything included that you will need.

Yes, you can. We created this product, especially for this purpose. So with the Business Address, you are allowed to use the ClevverMail address on all your business cards, company documents and websites.

With the Business Address add-on, this is not possible. But we offer a Registered Address option with which you will meet all legal requirements to register your company with authorities.

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