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Make it easy for customers to find and contact you locally in 79 countries and endless cities around the globe. Create an even more professional image for your business with a toll-free number.

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Your virtual phone number can be used like any normal phone number and it even has a voicemail.

Call routing

With our clevver call routing your customers will always reach the right contact person – wherever they are and whenever they are available.

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When you call someone, you want to use your international phone number – with ClevverNumber, this is possible.

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FAQ ClevverNumbers – Worldwide local VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone numbers

Start by signing up for an account on During the sign up process, you can select ClevverNumber as the product of your choice.. You can then select numbers that you want to buy right away. After signing up you can always buy more numbers by clicking on “Add a new number” in the Account Settings.

There is no limitation to the amount of numbers in your account. You can have one phone number or tens of thousands of phone numbers – in one or many different countries. It’s up to you.

When you sign in to your account at you have the ability to configure your phone numbers. All your phone numbers are shown in the Phone Number section. To configure a phone number, so that incoming calls are connected to the right person/destination, click on the EDIT button next to the phone number in the phone number list: Phone Number Your phone number is shown in the international format followed by the country and city or number-type of the number. Connect calls to Where should incoming calls be connected? Select one of these choices. Nowhere. Calls to the phone number are ignored. The caller will get an error message that the number is not valid. Phone number If you select this option, another drop down menu will appear with all the targets that have been defined. A target is mainly a phone number. To a Voice application. Connect the phone number to a Welcome menu for incoming calls. A second drop down menu appears for selected Welcome menu (in case you have more than one). To SIP phone. Enter any SIP-address. Formats supported are the same as for making calls.

Download the free ClevverNumber Android or iPhone app, sign in, and start calling. With the apps you can call your regular contacts as well as any phone numbers worldwide at the cost of local call. The app automatically sets up a local call in your country between your mobile and Clevver network, as well as a local call in the country you want to call, and then bridges the two calls together – eliminating the cost for an international call. This also ensures a superior call quality. The local call in your country is either be done with Call thru (your phone calls us) or with Call back (we call your mobile phone). Call thru works in many countries. Call back works worldwide. This basically means that you pay for two local calls while making international calls.

The easiest way to find out is to look it up in our price list. But here are the general principles. The following charges apply to all phone numbers: Monthly fee Call forwarding cost If you forward the incoming call to a mobile phone number or other number there is always a call forwarding cost – usually at the cost of a local call. The following charges apply to only a few numbers: One time set-up fee Per minute fee for incoming calls. Toll free numbers and a few others – such as numbers in China, Alaska and Hawaii – have an additional per minute fee for incoming calls.

You can recharge your Clevver account with the following payment methods. Credit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer A credit Card payment is possible with VISA or Mastercard. 3D secure is used when supported by the card. All communication is encrypted and the payment will be done via payment provider Payone. No sensitive card data is stored in Clevver systems. How to pay: Sign in at Click on Phone Settings Click on the logo of the payment method you want to use in the section “Make a deposit payment into your account” You can set a low balance warning into the system, so you receive a message before you run low on your phone account.

You can answer calls with your mobile phone. No app or software is needed since incoming calls are forwarded to your regular mobile phone number. Here are the different ways available for answering incoming calls to your Clevver numbers. Forward calls to your regular phone The standard approach is to forward incoming calls to a phone number anywhere worldwide (mobile or landline) at the cost of a local call. Answer with Voice response If you want to sound more professional, you can connect the incoming call to a Voice response service (“For sales press 1”) which thereafter can forward the call onward to you or someone else in your team – or take a message. Answer with IP telephony You can also answer incoming calls with a standard IP-telephony phone. This includes software apps that can be installed in laptops and mobiles, as well as office phones that you can have on your desk. You can also (if you are really, really techie) forward incoming calls to a so called SIP-addresses. Have multiple phones ring at the same time If you enter multiple phone numbers for call forwarding (your mobile and your home landline etc.) in your personal settings, while perhaps also having multiple IP-telephony phones connected to the service – then they will all ring at the same time when there is a call for you, giving you the opportunity to pick up the call with any of the phones.

You will normally see the phone number of the incoming call. If you prefer to see your Clevver phone number, then you can follow these instructions . Go into your personal settings at and “Call to me”. . Click on “Change” and select what Clevver phone number you would like to see on your phone, when you receive a call via ClevverNumbers.

In most countries it is possible to dedicate a phone number to fax, It is possible to receive fax – but not to send. A phone number that is dedicated to fax cannot receive voice calls. Clevver provides a fax-to-email service that converts incoming fax documents to PDF and delivers them to you by email. To activate this service on a phone number, please contact Customer service. Activation is free and there is no cost for receiving fax.

Yes and no. You can receive SMS on some types of numbers that we provide. It is however not yet possible to send SMS with our service. All Mobile numbers that you purchase from Clevver, as well as city numbers in the USA, Canada as well as most UK citys can receive SMS. We deliver these SMS messages to you via email (SMS-to-email). Emails are sent to the user that the Clevver phone number is connected to. The SMS function is activated by default when you buy a number. We are planning to add the ability to send and receive SMS in our apps, but this function is not available yet. Please note that the Clevver service may not be used for identity validation or verification at websites related to banking or any other third party website or online service.

If you want to delete a phone number that you previously purchased from Clevver, follow these steps. Sign in at Click on the X button (delete) next to your phone number Uncheck the Renewal box Save The phone number will be permanently removed from your account on the next renewal date.

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